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NEFA 21585



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A film made by members of the Middlesbrough and later Teesside Fire Brigade recording various events and activates the brigade were involved in between 1961 and 1972. The film includes official HM Inspection and demonstrations taking place at their fire station on Park Road South in Middlesbrough. The film also records the official opening of a new fire station along Seaton Carew Road near Billingham in 1972. Less formal events are also recorded, including a sports day at Clairville Stadium and participation in a parade along Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough believed part of the celebrations to mark for the inauguration of Teesside County Borough in 1968.

[B&W] The film begins with fire officers and other officials gathered at the fire station on Park Road South in Middlesbrough. In the vehicle bay of the station an inspector from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate speaks to the men and officers followed by a man in mayoral chains, the mayor of Middlesbrough. Long service and good conduct medals are presented to personnel.

 [Colour] A parade of brigade personnel stands to attention on the compound behind the fire station. [Dark] Back inside the station, views of another presentation illuminated briefly with camera flashes.

A brass band leads a parade of brigade personnel as they march along Park Road South past the fire station. Dignitaries stand on a platform just in front of the main doors to take the salute. As the brass band passes fire appliances, Civil Defence vehicles and other ancillary equipment follow behind watched by children standing on the kerbside.

Writing along the side of a fire appliance reads ‘Middlesbrough Fire Brigade’. General views of an exercise which begins with firefighters connecting power to a number of flood lamps. A wheeled escape ladder, a turntable ladder and hoses are set up along the side of a tower built next to the station. Officials, senior fire officers and the HM Inspector arrive to watch proceedings. Two firefighters utilise some hydraulic cutting equipment on a metal sheet.

The film cuts to a bonfire on a building site beside which are a number of storage tanks. Firefighters douse down a lorry (Reg No: 324 JPT) after the fire. General view of a firefighter walking along a quayside possibly next to the River Tees.

A Union Jack flies at the top of a flagpole. Fire engines stand parked outside the new Billingham fire station on Seaton Carew Road. General views of an inspection of staff by officials and dignitaries. Inside the station the audience claps as a guest official unveils a commemorative plaque. The plaque reads ‘County Borough of Teesside. Billingham Fire Station. This Station Was opened 19th April 1972 by Councillor H. L. McQuillen, Chairman of Teesside Fire Brigade and Civil Defence Committee’. Guests leave the platform and walk past the camera.

Outside a man in mayoral chains chats with a senior fire officer and with Councillor McQuillen. They are standing next to a piece of firefighting equipment known as a foam monitor. Back inside the station, Councillor McQuillen and the mayor (of Stockton?) looks over the unveiled plaque. Outside one of the new fire appliances pulls out of the station and heads out along Seaton Carew Road towards a roundabout. On the side of the vehicle is the coat of arms of Teesside and the words ‘Teesside Fire Brigade’. The film cuts to show the appliance reversing back into the space outside the station.

The film cuts to Clairville Stadium in Middlesbrough and views of an athletics events taking place there believed to be organised by the Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association. There are views of men taking part in various events including track running, hurdling and games of tug of war watched by crowds in the stands.

The film changes to show a parade heading south down Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough seen from the junction of Linthorpe Road, Park Road North and Ayresome Street. The parade is possibly part of the celebrations to mark for the inauguration of Teesside County Borough in 1968. At the head of the procession is a Scottish pipe band followed by a juvenile jazz band and a vintage fire appliance. More juvenile jazz bands pass by followed by a Middlesbrough bus. Another vintage fire appliance passes pulled by a tractor. More juvenile jazz bands march past followed by contemporary fire appliances. The film ends at Clairville Stadium where the juvenile jazz bands have gathered.