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YFA 5766



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This film, made by Bradford filmmaker C.H. Wood, is one of the annual sand racing events at Redcar beach.  The events were organised by the Middlesbrough and District Motor Club, between 1947 and 1949, and feature races by both motorcycles and cars of various size engines.

Title – Middlesbrough and District Motor Club Trials.
Title – ‘Saltburn moves to Redcar’
Title – Yorkshire’s Classic Open Sand Races organised by Middlesbrough and District Motor Club July 5th 1947.

The film begins with bikes ready for the start of the race with organisers holding a Union Jack flag ready to start.  Spectators can be seen behind them, and further on there are lots of factory chimneys in the background.  They make many laps of a circular race, with spectators in the centre and members of the Red Cross.  

Notice: Warning for the public.  Motor racing is dangerous, and spectators attending do so entirely at their own risk.

There is more film of the race, with the riders taking the bends with one foot on the ground, speedway style.  The film switches to a car race, with the cars seen crossing the finishing line. The organisers are shown standing around in front of a large crowd of spectators and a group from the Red Cross.  Back to a motorcycle race around the same circuit.  There are close ups of several of the riders, including one wearing a BSA helmet, followed by more racing and showing the large scoreboard.  

Title – Redcar Sand Racing 1948

People arrive for the race, buying tickets to get in.  The filmmaker captures a good view of the stands and of the racing, followed by close up of riders and the many motorcycles.  A group seated on the ground in front of the spectators are taking notes.  A group of women are in a tent selling programmes.  The numbers of the riders are laid out on the beach, and there is another race.

Title – Redcar Sand Racing 1949

(Col.)  A race is underway in the wet, followed by riders and spectators walking around at the finish.  The results board is shown, with riders waiting for the next race.  There is another motorcycle race, followed by a car race, and the film comes to an end.