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YFA 4886



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This is a film made by Mexborough Technical College teacher George Spurr in the mid 1960s.  The film was taken during a school trip to the seaside.

The film begins with four older boys walking in the grounds of a school, followed by a group of older girls outside in a street, all wearing hot pants and holding baskets.  A large group of the girls walk around the school.  The whole school group, both boys and girls, is then at a packed outdoor swimming pool.  They are relaxing on the edge of the pool.

There is a break before the group of boys and girls are on a beach and swimming in the sea.  Two boys run into the sea, and there are shots of the board for Lyndhurst County Primary School.  Some of the school buildings are shown before there is footage of the older boys and girls again walking across the playing fields of what is presumably a secondary school.  They queue up to go into an annex of the school.