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YFA 3629



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In this film a family of three spend Christmas together in the 1950s in Bridlington. The mother, father, and little girl Susan, carry out traditions such as decorating the tree, making mince pies, sledging and building a snowman.

The letterbox flap on the door opens and Christmas cards fall to the ground, which are collected by Susan and her mother. Once they have opened them they take them into the living room and hang them on the wall using pieces of string.

Susan and her mother decorate the small silver artificial Christmas tree with pieces of tinsel, crackers and baubles and hang paper chains from the ceiling in the living room.  Susan’s mother takes mince pies from the oven.

Susan’s hair is combed and her pyjamas put on ready for bed. Susan’s mother gives her a pillowcase, which she takes to her room, climbs into bed, and hangs it above her head on the bedpost. When she wakes in the morning the pillowcase is full with presents that she starts to open as her mother enters the room to take her down stairs.
 Susan is playing with her dollhouse, and then a bottle of ‘Grant’s Stand Fast Scotch Whiskey’ is held up to the camera.

Susan sits up at the table with her mother having tea.  They are both wearing paper hats and eating food together; Susan’s father comes to the table and dishes up for himself some jelly, trifle and cream.  Susan’s mother serves cake, there is food laid out on the table.
After tea Susan plays with her dollhouse a little more and then is read ‘Walt Disney’s Cinderella’ as a bedtime story by her mother.

Susan’s mother leans out of the window on the top floor of the house as Susan walks in the snow wearing Wellington boots.  The family clear snow away from the pavement in front of their house with shovels. Her mother pulls Susan along on a sledge, and then they both take it in turns to sit on the sledge on the seafront. The family take it in turns to sledge down a hill down to the beach.  Susan takes it in turn to sledge with her father first, then her mother. The family walk in the snow together pulling the sledge along behind them.

Susan plays with a little girl by throwing snowballs at a snowman they have made on the sea front. The two girls sit on the sledge together and then Susan and her father walk over to the railings and look out to sea.