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NEFA 21541



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A home movie made by Bob Wrightson recording a number of family occasions and family trips. The film begins by focusing on a young family with small children playing in the garden and posing with extended family. They are also filmed enjoying a day on the beach and visiting a traction engine rally, possibly Washington in Tyne and Wear.

Title: Memory Lane [out of focus].

The film begins with a man walking down a street in a town past a number of shops. A sign on the wall of one of the shops reads ‘Films Developing and Printing Expert Service’.

Beside a fence a woman posing for the camera with a dog which jumps up on her. A group of children play football in the street watched by the dog.

In a garden a woman stands beside a gate talking to the person behind the camera. She opens another garden gate and goes inside.

A man walks along a track which cuts to shows two women in the back alley of a terraced street smiling and posing for the camera. It is a windy day and their aprons blow in the wind. Another man walks along the road beside a row of terraced houses towards the camera. Two dog sniff around a garden.  

Two women come up a set of steps leading away from the Rex Cinema on Knaresborough Road in Murton. A man stands on the steps looking at the camera. At the top of the steps a group of women, including the two seen previously, join arm-in-arm walking back down the steps. A man smiles at the camera before going down the steps and into the cinema.

Through a church gate comes a woman holding a baby. Behind her a man in vestments and other guests. The group pose for the camera beside the church gates. They walk away from the church and along a road, the woman at the front carrying the baby.

Looking down from an upstairs window a woman mows a lawn with a mechanical lawnmower.  

A man comes through a door of a house into a garden carrying a large box. A pram sits nearby and the man looks in on the baby.

Another older man and woman come through a door into a garden. They speak with another woman on the other side of the garden fence.

The film changes to show this second woman coming through another door into a garden, past an older woman who is sitting on a chair beside the house. The older woman smiles and nods her head to the camera. The two women smile, laugh and chat.

[Out of focus] The man works on a flowerbed beside the house. A close-up of one of his flowers. He helps the older woman down a set of steps onto a lawn where they sit playing with a dog. A third woman and young boy walk into the garden and sit on a stone patio. She poses with a baby on the lawn. The older woman sits on a set of steps and holds the baby who begins to cry.

Beside a broken fence along a track a man sits with a small girl. Standing nearby is a young boy. The man holds the small girl and they wave at the camera. They walk along the track, the girl kicking a small ball.

Back in the garden the family group pose for the camera. The girl plays in the earth and then with her father.
A man paints tar or black paint on a ramshackle fence. Two men stand outside a Pidgeon Cree chatting. The man seen painting passes a tin can to one of the men.

On a beach the family sit against the sea wall. While the man goes wondering across the rocky beach the woman passes the baby, now several months old, between themselves. The man throws a number of large rocks and the baby poses for the camera pulling silly faces. There are views of the family chatting. A man sits in the pushchair with a dummy in his mouth.

A younger woman holds and poses with the baby. On the beach the mother helps build sand castles with a toddler. The woman holds the child in her arms as she paddles in the sea. The woman watches over the child playing in the sand while adjusting her stockings. The man and toddler play together in the sand laughing and smiling.

Along a promenade the toddler runs carrying a bucket. She walks with her mother hand in hand onto the beach.
Standing on a snow covered country track surrounded by conifer trees are the two men seen previously on the beach. They stage the camera so they can walk past the camera and wave.

Two small children run along a track in a field. Walking into a lane beside houses comes a woman wearing an apron. She stands beside a car with a man.

Title: Out and About. Here and There

On a showground a horse and rider take part in a show jumping event. They jump over a number of obstacles watched by a crowd sitting in a covered seating area.

At another part of the showground a number of steam traction engines belch thick smoke into the air. A crowd stands around a calliope. Others look at the many engines on display. A name on the steam calliope reads ‘Gavioli Paris’.

A number of visitors to the event take the controls of several engines driving them around the showground watched by crowds standing behind a rope barrier. A procession of various steam vehicles parade around the showground. One of the vehicles with livery that reads ‘P.R. Bates Iveston Consett’ becomes stuck in mud and has to be pulled out by another engine.

Children ride a carousel and a Sizzler ride. A licence place on the ‘R. Preston & Sons Potto’ traction engine reads AO-6302. A view of the calliope in action and a man putting coal into an engine.

A series of vintage cars parade past the camera watched by a small crowd. Following behind a man on a motorcycle with an ‘L’ plate. The film ends with people looking over a number of engines and a number of them parading past including ‘The Burrell Patent Engine’.

End title: Out and About Here and There. The end