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NEFA 21934



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A sombre film made by students of Bede College in Durham about memory and death. The film is played to Adagio in G Minor by Tomaso Albinoni with a commentary given by two men reading from Dostoevsky and the short fable ‘The Invention of the Devil’ by Franz Kafka. Filmed at night, views of Durham Cathedral are followed by a young woman walking through a churchyard. She looks at a gravestone before going inside and sits at a pew looking mournful. The film ends with her getting up and leaving.

The film opens at night showing the twin towers of Durham Cathedral's west end.

The film changes to show a girl walks down a perimeter path of a church, shadows casting off the walls. She wanders amongst gravestones of a church as the camera follows her. She bends down to look at one of the stones.
The girl approaches the church door. The film cuts inside as the camera travels along rows of pews to show the girl sitting in one of the pews. Unsmiling she faces the camera.

The film cuts to a view of the church door from the inside as it closes followed by a cut to outside as the girl pulls the door closed.

Shadows of the girl are cast against a wall as she walks past. The film ends as the girl walks away from the camera along a path.

The film then repeats itself for a second time where the film ends.