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NEFA 14607



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A home movie produced by Ruth Jacobson of a family cruise around the Mediterranean in 1952. The film includes life on board the S.S. [steam ship]  Chusan, a British ocean liner and cruise ship. Locations visited include Gibraltar, Malta, Rhodes, Venice, Naples, Capri and Lisbon.

Title: In the Swimming Pool

The film opens on a still of the "Chusan Summer Cruise” brochure cutting to a boy and girl swimming in the pool on board the SS Chusan. The girl relaxes by the pool and both children pose for the camera.

Title: Gibraltar

A still of a Gibraltar travel brochure beside a doll in traditional Spanish dress is followed by a street scene with tourist horse-pulled carriages. There are views of a dress shop window display, a woman selling flowers and horse-drawn carriages parked in a street. There are views of Gibraltar from Europa Point.

Title: North African Coast

Views of passengers onboard a ship are followed by that of a woman and girl sitting on the deck. The film cuts to a travelling shot of the North African coastline as seen from the ship. White stone buildings and green fields the shore.

Title: Malta & on Deck

A man in shorts holding binoculars walks towards the camera, a woman and girl follow him. The girl sits in a chair holding a camera. There are views of passengers on the deck of the ship relaxing and sunbathing. There is a view of a coastal town and harbour seen from the ship.

Title: Rhodes

A still from a travel brochure indicates the next destination as Rhodes is followed by that of a doll in traditional Greek costume. There are shots of a harbour and coastal town with castle, Grecian columns and an amphitheatre.

Title: Rhodes Sunset & Water Sports

Views of a sunset, with small ships on the horizon. Supervised games takes place in the ship's swimming pool watched by large crowds. Games include water jousting on a pole across the pool.

Title: Doges Palace Venice

As in other sequences a still from a travel brochure and doll dressed as a gondolieri indicate the location in this sequence. The film cuts to show the cruise ship being piloted into Venice with the Piazza San Marco in the background. There are views of the Doges Palace with close ups of various architectural features.

Title: St Mark’s Square

General views of St Mark’s Cathedral and of the family feeding pigeons in St Mark’s Square.

Title: On Gondola & Leaving Venice

A boy is seated in a gondola. There are views of Venice from the departing cruise ship.

Title: On the Way to Capri and Naples & Capri

A still of a Naples in a travel brochure and dolls in traditional dress indicate the next cruise destination. The film changes to show a number of moored military ships are in Naples harbour, including a United States Navy aircraft carrier. Two boys are standing at the railings watching as a ships propeller churns water.

The film cuts to show views of the rocky island of Capri as seen from the ship. General view of one of the boy's and his mother in a tropical garden. There is an overhead views of the town and harbour.

A ship is filmed entering a harbour followed by views of a number of smaller vessels moored there. There is a view looking towards the Castel Sant'Elmo, a fortress in Naples. There are more views of the military ship including the USS “Geiger” moored in the harbour.

Title: On Board

Four men playing games on board ship. A woman poses next to a life buoy and is joined by a man. Children are playing in the swimming pool.

Title: Lisbon

A still of a photograph of Lisbon and a doll in traditional dress announce the next filmed sequence. Two women and a man are on deck followed by views of the Lisbon harbour. There are views of the Queluz Palace with ornate fountain and garden, and travelling shots of Tamariz Beach and Estoril church as the ship moves out of harbour.

Title: Home

Back at home in Newcastle a girl plays in a garden with the dolls seen in the film in traditional dress. Nearby a woman flicks through the travel brochure which ends he film.