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YFA 2922



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This film contains two holiday trips, the first of which takes place in July, 1929 of a cruise through the Mediterranean. The second holiday film entitled "With the 'Stratheden' to Athens and Malta" takes place in June, 1938. Consisting of both black and white and colour footage, both films provide wonderful documentation not only of the exotic holiday locations, but also of life and overall interactions within the family as well as with the native peoples of the cruise ship destinations. Both films are quite well made and well documented describing the many towns and sites which this Yorkshire family was able to see.

The first film includes the following locations and activities:

Villagarcia de Arose
Santiago - port, some sort of coliseum, hotel balcony, donkey rides, local people, street performance
Oran - scenic shots of the area, swimmers climbing up and down boat for diving, ship deck games
Majorca - view from the ship, area around resort - more ship games including races and bobbing for apples
Barcelona - large monument, bull fighting arena, other city sites
Malaga - in the city
(film portion 790 ft)

The second part of the film is largely shot in Athens and Malta and contains the following (mostly supplied by intertitles):

Southampton Docks Last of the luggage Ready for "off"
Dick sports, swimming in ship pool
Phaleron, the port of Athens
The Areopagus, or Mars' Hill, where St. Paul addressed the Athenians
The Acropolis (500 ft) site of ancient Athens
Porch of Caryatides
My. Lycabettus (911 ft)
The Parthenon, temple, of Athena
The Odeon of Theatre of Herodes Atticus
The French Fleet in Phaleron Bay
Temple of Dionysus (Bacchus)
Hadrians Gate, Hadrianopolis
The Stadium or sports grounds. Built in White Marble. Seating capacity about 40,000.
Bathing at Glyfade, more deck sports,
Malta - Entering Valetta, the Capital
View from the Baracca and part of the fleet. (film portion 410 ft)