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A film made by the Audio Visual Department at Leeds University as a visual prospectus for potential undergraduates for the Medical School. The film uses sequences from a student's academic life, interviews with current scholars, and a commentary to explain what this course and university have to offer and how the students have interacted with university life.

Title - The Medical School At Leeds

The film opens with a close up of one of the male students singing in a 'revue style' performance on stage. It is a comical song referring to the job of a medic and the things which they encounter, and the song is performed to the melody of "The Sound of Music's" song "These Are a Few of My Favourite Things," There is also a sign advertising the night: Medics Concert Wednesday 25th March 7:30-1:00am Bar Extensions to 12:00am Tickets £7.

Student doctors are shown in a delivery room, and the voiceover is from a biology lecture. The next scene features a game of rugby, and when a player is injured, a medic runs out onto the field. Again, the voiceover is from part of a lecture, and the scenes relate the knowledge gained during study to practical situations in which the students will find themselves later on.

Moving in the film highlights the architecture of the various buildings that make up the Medical School including St James Hospital which is used for practical teaching, and with 1300 beds, is the largest general teaching hospital in the UK. There is a shot of a medical student being taught how to give an injection directly into someone's vein. Following this are close-ups of brain dissections being carried out by the students in the laboratory. This occurs while the commentary explains the different aspects of teaching, such as practical, tutorial and lecture, of the course. Other classroom labs are shown while students study biology and chemistry. Following this, the film highlights some of the sites of the city, specifically the modern buildings in the city centre, as well as sports teams like Leeds United.

A teacher examines a patient in a hospital bed, and the film cuts back to part of the comedy review. Next, there is a lecture taking place in one of the university lecture halls. A student gives his professors many tricky questions about dermatology, and laughs are had as they struggle for definite answers, showing that scientific knowledge is always in a state of change.

The University also offers access to a cabin in the Lake District, and students can be seen walking in the snow-covered countryside. They take part in rock climbing and orienteering. Back at the University, the commentary points out lessons also take place in small group discussions, and here about eight students are discussing various issues with their tutor. There are also various forms of recreation and entertainment, and one of the students entertains his colleagues by playing an acoustic guitar and singing a song with surgical related lyrics. This leads to a scene in which a heart valve is shown, and the commentary notes that surgical procedures are constantly being advanced by those at Leeds University. It is also a research university, and experiments are performed. Men ride bikes in a controlled setting while their vitals are recorded for research.

Some of the students are walking in the Dales, and the song from the comedy review is heard on the soundtrack. Leeds Uni also offers weekly walks through the Physical Education department.

Part of the student's training involves house visits to examine elderly or immobile patients. Here, a male student examines a man and a woman at their homes. This is followed by students who speak about the different type of accommodation offered to students who choose to study this course. Both flats and halls are offered, and both exterior and interior scenes are shown of both types of accommodation. This includes Bodington Hall, opened by Henry Price in 1964. For students who choose residents halls, they a large dining hall to share. Study facilities are also shown including the Medical School Library. In the library foyer, the Dean of the Medical School reads out the exam results, which has become a tradition highlighting the high achievements of students attending this university.

After gaining their qualifications, Leeds University students have the opportunity to go onto gain a variety of practical experience, and some of the new residents can be seen in a hospital exam room. Again, the soundtrack plays the final verse of the song performed at the comedy review.

Title - The End
Copyright University of Leeds 1971