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NEFA 14609



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A home movie made by Ruth Jacobson featuring the family taking a holiday cruises aboard the cruise ship “Chusan” in 1955. The film mainly focuses on the activities and friends made onboard ship. The final part of the film shows the family visiting their daughter Pamela at Harrogate College for speech day as well as the whole family in the garden at home at Leasyde in Newcastle.

The film begins with a view of a boy in a checked shirt watching people in the swimming pool on board a cruise ship. A girl is thrown into a swimming pool by a group of boys. The girl later dives into the pool and another girl swims breaststroke. A man talks to a member of the ship's crew.

The film changes to show three men in a rowing boat who look up at the camera before they dive into sea. General views of a harbour and town as well as a number of moored smaller ships seen from the ship.

The film cuts to five young women in traditional red costumes posing for the camera. There are further views of the town and harbour from a hilltop viewpoint. A woman and two children sit in wicker chairs that are then pushed at speed downhill by men in white costumes.

The film changes to shows a number of passengers on board a small boat which pulls away from the Chusan. The film cuts to show a man and a woman play hoops on the deck of the ship. Various organised water sports and games are filmed around the swimming pool. The film then shows a boy doing various swimming strokes in the pool.

General views of a beach with rocky sea wall and a church with a spire in the background. Children play in the sea and a woman sits on a rock wearing large hat.

Title: Med Cruise Cont, August 1955

The film shows the skyline of a city and a large building with winged statues on its corners. View of another statue standing on a large column. There are views of a harbour with a crane and a cruise ship moored along the quayside. A boy stands on a ship's railing followed by views of other passengers sunbathing or playing games on the deck of the ship. More people are filled in the swimming in pool and another cruise ship passes.

The film cuts to show the family standing in a town square, next to a yellow building with palm trees and flowers. Two family groups talk and play together near a fountain. Back on the ship, views of people sunbathing and smoking. The woman and boy are talking from the railings looking out to sea.

Title: Harrogate College Speech Day, July 1955

A girl in red trousers stands in the doorway of house where a man sits in a deck chair. Views of a large field with chairs set out, and school girls in green uniforms. People are putting out chairs. A man is talking to two of the girls in green uniforms. This is followed by a woman in a red dress who hugs a girl in a green uniform. A group of girls in various green uniforms perform a dance and some gymnastic routines for crowd.

Title: Family at Home, Summer 1955

A boy in school uniform sits in a deck chair next to man in another deck chair who is wearing sun glasses. Cut to a view of the boy on a bicycle cycling around the garden. A woman in a white blouse is sitting in a deck chair reading a newspaper. Two girls sits on the grass reading newspapers. This is followed by three girls sitting in the garden reading magazines. The boy poses for the camera behind the three girls.

A black cat plays with some string. A dog is patted by two of the girls. The film ends with the boy playing with dog and the cat digging a hole in garden.