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This film is from the C.H. Wood collection and contains footage of an arteriotomy operation using a Dardik Bio Graft. There are many shots of the operation itself as well as the graft as it is being prepared for the operation,

Title-Meadox Medical, Inc. Oakland, New Jersey 07436, USA

Title-Meadox Dardik Bio Graft.

Techniques for optimal results.

Title-A C.H. Wood Production.

There is a shot of the bio graft and the voiceover says that due to the natural compliance and structural stability, the graft has produced consistent and highly favourable results in restoring circulation to diseased limbs. He says that this film will highlight the clinical techniques.

A patient is lying on an examination table, and the surgeon is pointing to a scar from a previous operation on her leg. He says that an arteriography may be performed on the leg to be operated on. There are shots of the x-ray, the surgeon carrying out ultrasonic pressure measurements on the patient's leg, and another technician checking the read out from a machine.

Title-Distal Arteriotomy.

The next section shows the operation being carried out on the patient's leg. The voiceover describes the procedures being carried out and why. The doctors measure the amount of bio graft needed by using sterile ligature thread.

Title-Rinse Procedure.

A nurse fills a basin with isotonic water and then takes the top of the container with the graft inside. The doctor pushes the graft off the glass tubing into the basin of water and moves it around and then leaves it to sit for 15mins. Afterwards the doctor puts Heparin into the graft with a syringe and then rinses it out.

Title-Proximal Anastomosis.

There are shots of the surgeons working on the patient's leg, and then they prepare the bio graft for implantation. There is a long sequence of shots from the operation.

Title-Tunnelling the graft.

The surgeon makes an incision in the lower part of the leg, inserts a hollow, metal rod into the incision, and threads the graft into the rod. When he removes the rod the graft come with it and is almost in the correct part of the lower leg.

Title-Distal Anastomosis.

He stitches the lower part of the bio graft into the leg.

Title-Pre-operative Evaluation.

Title-Rinse Procedure

Title-Long Arteriotomy

Title-Stay sutures.

Title-Incorporation of mesh.

Title-Integrity of pre-sutured site.

Title-Shaping of graft.

Title-Full thickness bites.

Title-Proper tunnelling

Title-Intra-Operative Arteriography.

The voiceover says that this film, with its hints, should help to ensure successful use.

Title-We gratefully acknowledge Mr David Charlesworth, M.D., D. Sc., F.R.C.S. and the staff of the University Hospital of South Manchester, England for their assistance in the production of this film.

Title-An information service of Meadox Medicals, Inc.