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YFA 1122



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This film is from the Wakefield Museum Collection and shows several Mayors from Yorkshire taking part in a marbles championship.

The film opens in a big hall where a large group of men and women in evening dress have gathered for The Mayors Marbles Championship which was opened by the Mayor of Wakefield. The Mayor makes a comedic opening speech before the games begin.

The contests are held between local councillors and the Mayors of Wakefield, Pontefract and Dewsbury. Rectangular, wooden boards have been laid on the ground, and couples of players roll marbles in order to knock the other player out. There are big crowds of people gathered behind them.

The Mayor of Pontefract is the overall winner and the Mayor elect of Dewsbury is the runner up. The Mayor of Pontefract is presented with a trophy which is large silver marble mounted on six smaller marbles.