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YFA 5743



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This is a film of youth club in Hull, on an outing to Scarborough and the performance of a school play.

A group of youth board a coach, and part of their journey through Scarborough is filmed from the front of the coach.  They go down St Nicholas Street, past the Grand Hotel and arrive at the back of a building, possibly a Methodist church, where a group awaits them.  They park up and the adults and children mill around.  They are next seen getting on to a pleasure boat on the pier, and take a trip out to sea and back.  

The film switches to indoors, possibly a school hall, and an enactment of a story involving a wicked witch and a king or prince rescuing a princess and being chased by the witch, being played by school age children.  There is a dance around the prince and princess and they have a marriage ceremony in a procession.  At the end the actors stand to the applause of the audience.