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YFA 4659



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This is another St. Barnabas school film from the C.H. Wood collection. There is footage of 1950 and 1951 May Day celebrations and May Queen processions.

The film begins with shots of cherry blossom trees.

Title-May Day, 1951

A May Queen walks through a crowd in school yard while two attendants hold her train. She climbs onto a small stage and sits on a throne. Some boys dressed as guards or bugle men, lead another May Queen, possibly the new Queen, out into the yard and onto her throne. One of the guards puts the crown on her head and a teacher hangs a cross and chain around her neck and then kisses her on the forehead. She also gets a bouquet of flowers.

A group of girls do some dancing in the yard and then the new Queen and the previous May Queen leave the stage and walk off through the crowd. Following this are shots of the Queen walking up to her stage followed by the crowd of school children with prams, bikes and buggies decorated with flowers. The Queen and her subjects pose for the camera.

Title-Crowning the May Queen.

Title-St Barnabas May 1st 1950.

A crowd have gathered around the school yard and a group of girls come running into the yard wearing dancing costumes. The May Queen and her attendants walk through the crowd and up to the throne. One of the teachers takes photographs of the events. An attendant crowns the Queen with a crown of flowers while a boy gives her a small bouquet of flowers. After this, the girls in the costumes perform some dances and then the new Queen and subjects walk away. There are shots of the procession from a few different angles and the children pushing bikes, prams and tricycles along; they are all decorated with flowers and balloons.