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This film is a featurette for the Nautical College and High School for Nautical Training in Kingston upon Hull.

The film opens with titles - The Kingston Upon Hull Education Committee Presents
     A Matter of Course
     Commentary by Peter S. Harvey

At the school, students in uniform are training to be part of the merchant navy.  They are lined up in the school yard by a replica mast where they raise the flag and begin the day.  In the classroom, math is an important class, and the boys learn now to use navigation tools in order to read maps and calculate distances.

In the navigation room of the ship, there are many different electric tools to learn to use in order to help with navigation and the overall running of the ship. 

Students also learn how to use flag signals and about the proper rope knotting techniques.

Fitness is also an essential part of the education, and on the track and field, students compete in different activities including a high jump, footrace, tug-of-war, and power walking.

Training for the Duke of Edinburgh Award is also another highlight of the boys’ education.  They train in camping, setting up tents as well as swimming and lifesaving techniques.  In the pool, they are taught how to use an inflatable raft which holds up to 10 passengers and is used mostly in emergency situations.  They are also equipped with an emergency case of rations which includes water, a bible, cards, and seasickness medicine.  The boys also train in a line throwing appliance.

For officers in training, craftsmanship is a very important part of their training.  They must be able to carry out any duty that someone under their command may do.  The boys train in rope making and wire splicing.  Here an Indian exchange student is featured. 

In their spare time, the boys are encouraged to build boats.  Here, the students launch a small boat which they have made.  Then, at Victoria Dock in Hull, they try their hand at launching and navigating a larger boat. 

Now dressed in blue uniforms, the students walk along the docks and board the Rollo.  Workers are loading from the docks onto the ship displaying proper storage practices.  This is also a time when instructors from the school get to see old classmates again as many of them are working sailors.

The students march back to the school in blue uniform.  It is now the end of the course, and after the principal has prepared the documents, each boy marches into his office to collect his graduation certificate as well as his Duke of Edinburgh award and record book.

The film closes with and end title and credit - Walter Garter Film Productions.