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This is a film of a country family, with their two children, showing life in the village of Masham and the surrounding area. It shows the changing seasons, with the heavy snowfall in 1953 and skating on the ice. The film includes a wedding, a cricket match, sledging and tennis; made over a period of seven years.

Title - A Film of Masham and Mashamshire - some of the Personalities and Events from 1948.

Intertitle - Masham, the Opening of Masham Tennis Courts, Masham Fair 1951.

The film begins showing the village green, St. Mary's Church and the bridge over the River Ure at Masham. Some people are milling around a housing area, one carrying  a tennis racquet.  A car drives off before switching to women and men playing tennis on some tennis courts situated at the back of the houses, watched by some spectators, and with bottles of drink on a table.  The film switches to a golf course located on the coast, where men are playing golf.  At one point a golf ball lands on the beach.  After showing views of the river there is a livestock market, with farmers and farm hands standing around as sheep are auctioned off.  There is then film of Chinese geese and deer in Swinton Park, and a view over villages in the area. A group of men go out shooting, and have a cups of tea afterwards served from a Land Rover.  Then the film switches to children out sledging in the snow. There is a sign for Colsterdale, with a nearby flock of longwool sheep standing in deep snow in the fields.  A man in a uniform poses next to a road sign, near  for the camera before walking off in the snow. 

Intertitle - Famous Last Words - "It Won't Snow" January 1953.
A group of houses are almost buried in a blizzard, with a snow plough also stuck in the snow. Men are digging a pathway through the snow from their houses, and a line of villagers head off carrying shovels.  A car tries to drive in the driving snow. A man walks away from the Black Horse Inn carrying a wooden crate. The film suddenly switches to summer time and a game of cricket being played in Swinton Park, followed by a fox hunting party. The large group of huntsmen and women are in traditional red jackets and are surrounded by huge packs of hounds.

Intertitle - Tanfield, Well, Snape.
St Nicholas Church and the ruined Tanfield Castle are seen from under the bridge that goes over the river. Then a boy and a girl ride bicycles along a country lane.

Intertitle - Winter Sports at Thorp Perrow, 1954.
The boy and a girl are then sledging in the snow. A jeep pulls along someone on a sledge as a group of children throw snow balls at them. After seeing some Highland cattle in the snow there is a group of boys playing ice hockey and other children and adults skating in the grounds of Thorp Perrow Hall.
Intertitle - The ever changing seasons, Clifton Castle.
Spring flowers are out, with newly hatched chicks crying out for food in their nests.

Intertitle - Swinton Park, Springtime 1954.
Ducklings swim about in a park pond. A young woman smells the flowers. Out in the fields there are new born lambs, and bees swarming around a hive.

Intertitle - Autumn 1954. Quarry Gill and Hackfall.
There is a view over a wooded valley with houses on the hills, and a fast flowing River Ure.

Intertitle - Tanfield and District.
There is a view over Tanfield, of St Nicholas Church and of the bridge over the river.

Intertitle - Wintery Scenes January 1955. Ilton, Masham, and Wensleydale.
A boy and a girl stand at the side of frozen river eating, before going out onto the ice on their skates. They are joined by a man, possibly their father giving a helping hand. A man pushes a cart, possibly containing eggs, along a snow covered village street. The surrounding landscape is shown covered in snow. Children go sledging, often several on one sledge.

Intertitle - Hoopoe, Burnholme 1955.
Lots of different flowers are shown in close up. The river is shown in the snow, and then the boy and girl are out fishing on the river after the snow has cleared. There is film of wild birds, including a Hoopoe, and their nests with eggs. The boy and girl go swimming in the river. They are joined by their mother who lights a fire next to the river. There are more examples of bird eggs in the wild. The ruins of Fountains Abbey are shown, and an elderly man poses for the camera. A large group of people make their way through the grave yard towards St. Mary's Church, Masham. They are followed by four bridesmaids, who pose for photographs. Then comes the bride with her father. After the service the newlywed couple also pose for photos.

The film switches to a family group having a picnic in a field by the river, cooking on an open fire. It switches again to a cricket match, being played in front of the house of Swinton Park.