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YFA 2602



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This is a film of a country family, with their dogs and horses, made over several years. It shows scenes of rural life in the village of Masham in Yorkshire, as well as the surrounding area. Focusing on the countryside and its people through the changing seasons, the film includes a wedding, show jumping, a football and cricket match, sledging, go-carting, the Masham Fair, a livestock auction, and the storm and severe winter of 1962.

The film begins with a man demonstrating a vintage car in the forecourt of a petrol station (reg. 428 WR). This is followed by a bitch with her litter of new born puppies. A woman plays with the puppies. Sometime later, when the puppies are a few months old, a group of women come to play with them, and the dogs go for a swim in a river. Then a woman goes horse riding, followed by a group of people show jumping. A boy and a girl pose for the camera accompanied by two gardeners. A woman takes two dogs for a walk along a river, and she has a swim, joined by one of the dogs.

The film moves onto a local football match, interrupted by a dog, with a small crowd watching. Two elderly men sweep the streets of a village with a broom and wheelbarrow. In the fields two men build a wall. This is followed by some countryside scenes, of bird eggs in their nest, a waterfall and a river valley, possibly Wensleydale.

Intertitle - Wintry Scenes, Breary Banks and Tanfield 1959-1960.

A farmer walks across a snowy field carrying a milk urn on his back. Then there are blossom-filled trees in spring, before the film switches back to a woman pulling a man on a sledge in the snow. Some people shovel the snow away from the tyres of their car before driving off, with the young dogs running in the thick snow. A group of children of varying ages go sledging. Several men shovel the snow away from the wheels of a lorry. Much of the river is frozen, and a man walks through the snow covered village wearing an old trapper hat. A woman stands on the snowy moors wearing a headscarf. A hay barn is on fire. Some men are shown on horses before there is an agricultural show, with pigs and piglets. There is also a display of cattle. The film shows the auctioneers, those looking after the farm animals and the visitors. Elsewhere, a large tree is cut down, whilst a group of farmers look on.

Intertitle - The Drought, Leighton and Roundhill Reservoirs 1959.

Roundhill Reservoir is shown almost completely empty of water. In the middle can be the remains of an old stone bridge and a road sign. The Reservoir, and that of Leighton, is shown from various vantage points, including the bridge. Then water is shown pouring into the reservoirs and once again they are full.

Intertitle - Peach Blossom Time, Thorp Perrow, 1960.

Workers are shown at a nursery carrying bunches of cut flowers. A worker washes down the floors of the greenhouses with a hose. Elsewhere swans sit by a river.

Intertitle - The Spring Double, 1960. Mustavon - S. Hall; Merryman - N. Crump.

Two horses are taken out of their stables by the stable boy, and the owner walks one across a field. The film then switches to a go-cart race. Across the starting line there is a large banner with the 'Daily Mirror' written on it. The film switches again to show a beehive and people passing through a lych-gate, arriving for a church wedding. The bride arrives, accompanied by her father. After the service they pose for photographs under the timber framed porch, followed by the guests leaving. The reception is held in the grounds of a country house with a large marquee, and drinks trays being carried by servants. The film then switches again to show views across the moors, with a famer and his dog rounding up sheep. There is a village church and houses. A man and a woman tend a large flower garden

Intertitle - The Storm Damage April 1962 Swinton.

Several trees are shown having been blown over by the storm, and also a fire raging on the moors. Two race horses are walked across a filed by their trainers. There is more shown of the devastation caused by the storm to woodland with trees lying across roads. One tree is shown being felled in a village. Trees are being shown being blown about in the wind.

Intertitle - The Hawes Cup, Masham, winners 1962.

Two umpires make their way out onto a cricket pitch, followed by the batsmen and fielding team. One of the batsmen gets out: stumped. Two small boys sit watching on a bench.

Intertitle - The Severe Winter Dec. 21 1962 to March 6 1963. Aysgarth falls and Clifton.

The trees next to a river are heavy with snow, and much of the river is frozen over. Two dogs play in the snow covered fields and garden. Aysgarth falls are also frozen. Near Shillingford Bridge Hotel, a large area has been flooded. A man throws food in for the fish. An elderly farmer poses for the camera with his dog and walking stick. Then on a sunny day, a young couple also pose for the camera, holding a small dog in a garden. A dog is then seen scampering about up on the moors. A blue Jaguar car (reg. 265 DYO) drives away from a farm, followed by two Range Rovers.

Intertitle - Masham Fair, September 1963.

A farmer displays his sheep at a livestock auction. The sheep are herded out into pens, with farmers and buyers stood around chatting. As more sheep are put on display the film abruptly comes to an end.