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YFA 356



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a children's Sunday school procession in Rotherham. The procession features several local Sunday schools.

The film begins with a group of Boys Brigade stood in front of their club banner: Masbro Independent [Chapel]. They form lines and march off in procession. They are followed by the Whitsun Queen and her entourage, and smartly dressed girls and then boys. They continue through the streets, whilst another part of the procession forms in an open space in front of steel works. This includes a banner for Eastwood Methodist Sunday School and Band of Hope. This has a different Whitsun Queen. The fund collectors are gathered together and they turn and smile to the camera. They are now all together for the procession, with many banners, including one for Kimberworth Wesleyan Sunday School. The procession gets underway, led by a Salvation Army band; carrying a banner proclaiming, 'Rotherham Songsters'. This is followed by vicars and other dignitaries.

The procession is now proceeding through the city centre, with spectators lining the pavements. They arrive at Clifton Park, where the Lord Mayor and Mayoress await them. Here they are treated to speeches and some enlivened conducting of the band. The procession is now grouped around in a circle behind a rope fence with boys at the front holding up numbers indicating who they are. Many of those there are filmed close up.

There is a break, and a procession is seen emerging from the park, headed by the large banner of Rotherham and District Sunday School. There is a float enacting the story of the Good Samaritan. Other floats represent other parts of the New Testament.