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NEFA 22679



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An amateur film believed made by Wylam physician Dr Swindale,  begins with a wedding taking place at an unknown church. King George V Silver Jubilee celebrations take place around Newcastle and Wylam followed by film of the Royal Agricultural Show as it takes place on the Newcastle Town Moor in 1935. The final part of the film shows a military camp believed to be in a field near Ripon in North Yorkshire. General activities around camp are filmed as well as the men and officers taking part in both official ceremonies and other less formal events watched by civilians. Although the regiment featured is not known, Dr Swindale did serve as an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corp.

The film opens on a number of well-dressed men and women making their way through a churchyard. Three smartly dressed men stand in the doorway of the church and a small crowd watches as more guests arrive including three bridesmaids who also pose in the church doorway. The bride and her father arrive and make their way towards the church, the bride carrys a bouquet of lilies.

Following the service the bride and groom are posed by the photographer in the doorway of the church. Additional members of the family are added and more photos taken, a crowd watches the proceedings. Confetti is thrown on the happy couple as they leave the church and get into the wedding car. The film changes to show a village, possibly Wylam, on a hill above the river Tyne.

[Faded] Bunting and Union Jacks cover the front of Newcastle Town Hall in St Nicholas Square. More bunting and flags hang down from W.E. Harker’s furniture store on Grainger Street and Bainbridge’s department store on Market Street. More bunting in the shape of a crown crosses Market Street itself. The film changes to show a large bonfire ready to be lit.

In the village of Wylam a number children are helped onto the back of decorated a flat-bed lorry. Nearby a large number of children stand in small groups waiting for a parade through the village to begin. Amongst them are members of the Girl Guides and Boy’s Brigade. The children on the flat-bed lorry now hold Union Jacks which they wave for the camera.

The parade makes its way along Main Road in Wylam passing the Bird Inn. At the front of the procession a number of men  wear medals possibly ex-servicemen. Behind come the Girl Guide and Brownies and behind them the Boy’s Brigade. Both groups march behind their standard. The decorative flat-bed lorry comes next followed by a larger group of children.

A small crowd stands along the pavement as a brass band marches past leading the procession onto a field. A man doffs his hat to the ex-servicemen as they pass, some salute back. The Girl Guides, Brownies and Boy’s Brigade march past.

Standing on the steps of a pavilion a man makes a speech to the crowd gathered around him. Children take part in a number of races including an egg and spoon, sack race and relay as well as sprinting. A group of men also take part in a sprinting race.

On the Newcastle Town Moor at the Royal Agricultural Show a series of prized cattle, some with calf, are lead around the showground. A number of men carry signs in front of them which identify breeds including Hereford, Devon, Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus, Belton Galloway and Highland Cattle. Next, a number of horses, some with foal, are lead around the showground.

Next onto the showground comes a display by the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery who perform a routine for the crowds. Standing near to the showground entrance others taking part pass including a number of young miners leading pit ponies, a hunt master on horseback leading a pack of hounds and a horse and carriage. On the showground a military brass band perform in full dress-uniform and bearskin hats. Member of the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery ride away from the showground pulling their carriage followed by the military band.

In a field three army officers chat beside the entrance to a round tent. Two other officers also stand chatting nearby, behind them a line of army tents.

A platoon of soldier’s take part in a drill slinging their rifles from one shoulder to the other before marching away. A series of army kits are laid out on the ground in front of their respective tents, an officer looks over them. A number of soldier’s climb into the back of a lorry and are driven away, other soldiers climb into two additional lorries.

Another group of officers stand around chatting. A cook pours soup or broth into a soldier’s canteen. Other cooks work to prepare food in large metal vats while inside a makeshift kitchen area two men cut slabs of meat ready to be served up. At the camp wash area between lines of tents an officer turns a number of metal washing bowls over and smiles at the camera.

Out on the parade field in the distance soldiers come to attention, in front of them two officers come forward and salute one another with swords as part of a ceremony.

A number of civilians sit on chairs behind a rope barrier, nearby a brass band performs. They watch a group of men taking part in a three-legged race. In another race, the men stand together in three groups and walk backwards together holding a long pole between their legs, eventually everyone falls over. A third race involves riders on motorcycles speeding along a track and collecting an object from the ground. Children and toddlers compete in sprint races followed by another group of men racing along the track.

A platoon of soldiers made up of officers and men sit on a set of steps posing for a group photograph. A number of men sit cross legged on the grass, some are wearing medals, other bandoliers. Everyone smiles and chats happily.

A woman standing at a table hands out boxes to a number of soldiers or cadets who salute her as they come forward. Three men in civilian clothing come over to collect their boxes followed by a young girl who also salutes. A large crowd stand and watch proceedings.

A group of officers and civilians relax either in chairs or sit on grass drinking, chatting and smoking. Sitting nearby the enlisted men. A small group of officers and men pose for a group photograph.

A number of soldier’s pull a gun carriage that has been decorated with flags. A soldier or officer rides the carriage that is being pulled by the men marching behind a number of officers. The carriage passes a number of motorbike riders and a performing brass band. The film ends with people and vehicles leaving the field.