Film ID:
YFA 487



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This film captures the village of Marsden, near Huddersfield, after heavy snow. There are also some shots of various family members.

There are shots of a road and houses covered in snow. The trees, hedges, park and benches are covered in snow; two boys throw snow balls off to one side. There is a brief shot of a river surrounded by snow.

Two boys walk towards the camera and throw snow around; they stand and pose for the camera. This is followed by more shots of the snowy landscape. In the next shot the two boys are next to two men; they all smile at the camera.

There is more footage of everything covered in snow followed by a shot of a big, black, shiny car sitting in the snow. This is followed by a group of adults and children gathered outside smiling for the camera.

The next scene is snow-free and a few people walk along the path towards the camera. The car is in shot; a young boy and girl stand smiling beside the car.

There is a brief shot of a train arriving at a platform. This is followed by another shot of the gathered family members and then a shot of a man talking to the camera. He pulls a lot of funny faces and then starts laughing. The man, a few women and a boy stand around talking and the man does a little tap dance.

Some other people and an older man stand around for the camera; the older man then gives a woman, possibly his wife, a long kiss and everybody laughs. The final shot is of some of the people walking along a beach.