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YFA 2337



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A foray into the video format gave Unit VIII a chance to make this documentary film about Marrow House, located near Barnsley.

A voice over describes the geographical location of Marrow house, and there are various drawings and photos of the house from different periods in history. The voice over then goes on to talk about the history of the house, stating that it most probably dates back to the 1500s. The filmmaker then cuts to a shot of a book spine, which has the words, 'History of Worsborough' written on it. There are then shots of a page within the book, which chronicle a portion of Marrow house's history, the voice over adds more details.

Exterior shots of Worsborough church are followed by shots of the Marrow family's grave stones. Inside the church, the filmmaker focuses on a plaque that is dedicated to John Marrow. The filmmaker then cuts to an architectural sketch of the property; the voice over describes the alterations and expansions the Finlay family wanted to make. The voice over goes on to explain the difficulties for such a development, as all renovations must be in keeping with the original aesthetic.

The filmmaker cuts to Mr Finlay - the current proprietor of Marrow house - who talks about the types of stone they used. The following sequence has melange of views showing Marrow house's verdant grounds. The owner of the house then talks about a carving they found in a stone. A slide show of photos show the construction work that took place on the house, the voice over then details the specifics of the development. A home video captures a young man who talks about a copper peacock fireplace, which once heated up changes colour due to different sized pieces of expanding copper. There are then shots of the antiques that reside in Marrow house.

The following sequence shows many shots of different rooms within Marrow house and close ups of the artwork that adorn the walls. The voice over remarks that a four poster bed was made from St. George's church in Barnsley, and the filmmaker captures various shots of furniture. The voice over finishes with a question concerning whether present owners will be able to maintain building with so much significant history.

Title - Marrow House

Title - Research - Allan F Finlay

Title - Camera & production - Bill Edgar

Title - A BE video production.