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YFA 2956



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This film documents an agricultural show at Market Weighton and includes cattle, pigs, and horses. There is a brief show jumping scene and fancy dress competition. During harvest time on the farm, there are many examples of machinery. Finally included is brief footage of a small archaeological dig.

At the agricultural show there are many men and women sitting down or gathered near a table. Women are in dresses and hats, and there is a large tent in a field. Vehicles are in the background, mainly trucks and trailers.

Everyone applauds a gentleman at the front of the audience near a table. Another man makes a speech, retires with applause.

A pen with red certificate; 'First Prize - Market Weighton and (?) Show'. A woman in a white patterned dress tries to feed a sheep. Sheep are all standing in line ready for inspection by the judge. Many cars parked in the background.

Horses, pigs and Friesians are all being lead and judged. There is a table with trophies on it, and the trophies are then presented. Following this is a fancy dress competition; a lady in a blue dress on a horse, followed by a man with brown paint on his face and a black curly wig on (representing another race?) followed by a man dressed as a royal guard, another dressed as a Roman, a clown and a hula girl. The Royal guard is presented with a red certificate as first prize. Very brief show jumping.

Farmhouse, many TE20 tractors, one with 701 bailer, standing out in front of the house. One man is sitting on each tractor. 'Standard vanguard' cars are parked in a row. Following this is footage of a field of cows with a small aeroplane in the foreground. Farmers herd cows closer to the plane.

Pigs and piglets are in a field eating at a trough. Outdoor pig loos surround them (small pig sheds). TE20 tractor and post hole - making holes for posts! 2 farmers hammer stake in freshly made hole.

A group of 10-15 people being shown round the farm, look at Hereford cattle in the field and they also look at some large black pigs. TE20 and mower making silage followed by footage of the workings of the motor and the PTO shaft. The trailer of silage is tipped.

An aeroplane is used for crop dusting. There is footage taken from on board the plane, but it is very dark- aerial views of countryside and village. A man stands holding the propeller on the plane. Letters on the side of the plane; 'G-AOFU A.D.S (AERIAL) LTD. Stapleford Aerodrome. Romford, Essex.'

An archaeological dig: four men with pick axes and spades are in a field. Two ladies are in one of the ditches, and one finds something and puts it in an envelope. The other holds up a bone. Snow on the ground, the aeroplane takes off. More aerial views; land covered in snow.

B250 ploughing. MF728 drilling grain. Farmer stops drilling and takes sack of grain from nearby trailer and refills the drill. TE20 and rolls. Cows and sheep are on turnips, and there are pigs rooting in pen. Farmer carries two lambs as the ewe follows. A Fordson E27N rotary is used for cultivating, and a caterpillar bulldozing hedges and earth. Sacks are put on elevator.

Black and white footage: Sheep in pen feeding. A man in a field lifts a trap out of a warren with two dead rabbits on the end of it. There is a robot potato planter, and three men sit on the back putting potatoes onto a turntable in front of them to be planted.

International B45 bailer, bailing hay. Hay bales are stacked in the field. The combiners have a tea break. 6 Massey Harris 780 combines combining. 2 Muir Hill 121s ploughing. Massey Harris 101 spraying the crop with front boom.

Children, a boy and a girl, play in the front garden of the house with a cat and two dogs. The film closes with a view of the valley from the front garden.