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YFA 3849



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This film documents an agricultural show at Market Weighton. Included is footage of livestock competitions as well as different sporting events which have been organized for the families in attendance.

At the Market Weighton Farmer's Show, a variety of events take place. Farmers show their cows in a competition to win in a variety of breed categories. A gymkhana takes place in the main arena. Following this, a variety of dogs take part in a show, and they are judged according to their different breeds. Other animals at the farmers show taking part in similar competitions are sheep, horses and cows.

Members of the public, along with farmers and their families, take part in a series of sporting events. These races include relay, heralds, egg and spoon, high jump and bike races. Prizes are given to the winners of the sports events and the best animals in show. People at the farmers show walk around the stalls that are set up selling a variety of products such as tractors, farm machinery and pest control devices. A brass band is seated playing music for the members of the public walking around the show.

Another dog show takes place with the dogs being judged according to their breeds. Children are seated on board a miniature train ride on a raised track. Horses are dressed with colourful ribbons and are judged in the arena. Police dogs put on a display in the main arena showing the skills they use for police work. Also a display is held in the arena to show how the farm machinery for sale works.