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YFA 2957



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This film provides many examples of farming life with particular focus on animals, a local poultry farm and sheep show. The film includes footage taken in or around Market Weighton.

The film opens with a farmer in a field with sheep. Two horned rams graze alone. Ducks in the farmyard run towards a pond then onto food. Helicopter sprays a field, and there is more footage of the sheep in the field.

A blue sign reads; 'Burma Poultry Farm, Shiptonthorpe, York Breeding station. Phone Mkt Wtn 2100'. White and brown hens in a field. Farmer stands with a bucket. A cockerel runs among the hens.

A yellow van with words 'Burma Poultry Farm, accredited DO Chicks and growing stock'. A boy brings three boxes out of the back of the van, on the side says 'Live Chicks, with care'. He opens a box, which is full of chickens. The van leaves. Farmer washes out troughs.

There is a white gate with words 'East View' on, a house, and chickens in a field. A flower garden behind the house, the dog plays in the garden. There is an Avery full of budgerigars, and a young boy stands in front with two trophies on a table. Pigeons in a much larger red and white Avery.

Footage upside down for roughly 30 seconds: horses grazing in a field.

Correct way round now; Ewes and lambs are in grass field as well as Hereford cattle. A flock of sheep are herded by farmer and sheep dog, and there are pigs and piglets in field. Very dark aerial views of landscape covered in snow.

Sheep and lambs are turned out onto turnips. Now a different flock are herded into a pen down and ally. On a raised trailer, a man holds a sheep while another inspects its wool. The man then flips it onto its hind quarters and clips its feet. A man with a microphone behind stands and commentates (?). Two different men and sheep are on the same platform. The men sheer the sheep using electric sheers.

A farmer and two sheepdogs herd sheep. The crowd watches from stands around the herding ring. Farmers are now dosing and injecting the sheep. Sheep are in pens indoors, one with two rosettes above. A sheep carcass hangs in the next pen with another on a table. Sacks of wool are in another pen. A man rides a horse in a field. The film closes as pigs root in another field.