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YFA 2949



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Filmed at Arras Farm, Market Weighton, this film is mainly about farming and everyday farming life involving: sheep, pigs, cows, harvesting, green houses, hedge cutting and bulldozing. Also included is brief footage of air show and many aerial views from a plane.

The film opens with a shot of a white building on the side of a road followed by a sign for "Goodmanham". There is a pub on the corner of a street; "Goodmanham Arms". Opposite the pub is a church and graveyard; Goodman Church. A Union Jack flag flies from the top of the church tower.

There is a row of houses as well as farm buildings, a large lagoon in the middle. In a field now, a gentleman gets into an aeroplane and takes off. Letters 'AK80' on side of the plane. Aerial views of the farm and surrounding village from the plane. The plane lands in a field.

A man is on a Caterpillar bulldozing land flat, and there is a sheep and two lambs in a pen. Now they are outside on a finished corn field (scrub).

TE20 Tractor with rotary cultivator in a field. At the air show, there is a hot air balloon high in the sky above a field. Approximately 30-40 people are in deck chairs in a field, and a helicopter is in the sky in the background. Lots of cars parked nearby and two fire engines also parked in background.

A number of people sit at a table on a raised platform above the crowd. There are trophies on the table, a gentleman is stands and speaks into a microphone (chain round his neck suggests he is the mayor). The crowd listen. A policeman stands in front of the platform. A man from the crowd goes up to receive a trophy. A different man stands in front of plane with a trophy.

Red "Massey Harris" 780 combine harvester, in a cornfield working. Man on side of combine kicks sacks full of corn onto field, so now has room to empty the combine's grain bin again. Now a fleet of approximately eight combines. Sacks of corn lie in a field amongst the straw. Aerial view from the plane.

Pigeons are in a red and white Avery, and there are five rams being herded in a field. Small flocks of ewes are being watched by Border collie and farmer. A lady in overalls waters plants in greenhouse, and two women on their hands and knees are picking out ripe tomatoes, and stringing plants.

A box of tomatoes with words 'Market Weighton Nurseries'. Lettuces in a field, men pick and box them up and load them into a trailer with the words 'WD Awson - Beverly'.

Black and White footage: There are sheep being herded from a field through many cars parked on the side of the road. Following this is footage of a very small sheep market. Pulleys digging a well, and water begins to come out of a pipe.

Kodachrome footage: Harvesters in the straw fields sit and have a tea break. There are many farmhands. Later the fleet of combine harvesters begin again. Men load the sacks of corn onto the back of tractor and trailer which a young boy is driving.

Potato harvester - 'Whitsed Potato Harvester'. Tractor and trailer tips a load of potatoes in nearby field. This is followed by caterpillar bulldozing.

Black and white: Hedge cutting with circular saw hedge cutter. There are also Dorset horn sheep.

Colour: A large flower garden with lots of different varieties of flowers. A man in a suit stands for the camera and poses. A sun lounger and two dogs at the front of the large house. Sheep being herded by a dog. Black and white hens roam a field. Pigs (large blacks) root in a field.

Black and white: Men sit on the side of a small trench doing water pipe repairs.

Colour: Three men are doing road repairs, laying gravel. A steamroller finishes the job.

Black and white: A gentleman walks down a field using a seed fiddle. A large flock of sheep move fields.

There is a herd of Hereford cows and calves. A farmer helters a young bull and leads it to a bucket. This is followed by a farm shoot, men with guns as bushbeaters walk ahead. The bushbeaters are sitting now, having a tea break. A man with a gun carries a rabbit back. A lady offers round sandwiches from a breadbin. The bulldozer again, getting rid of hedges, clearing a vast area.