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YFA 2468



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This is a film of a typical market day in Holmfirth, with a livestock auction.

Intertitle – Holmfirth: a Yorkshire market town at the foot of the Peninnes

There is a view over the town which is shown from several vantage points.

Intertitle – The town is surrounded by grim moors.

There is a panoramic view over the moors.

Intertitle – And lonely farms.

Some local farms are shown.

Intertitle – Breakfast – then work starts in the dim dawn.

A man is sitting at a table with a small boy having breakfast.  Then the man, a farmer, feeds his pigs and rounds up some cows.  He is then cutting crops with a horse drawn harvester.  A woman comes out of the house with three children and they go into the yard and feed the chickens.  The children play around the outside of the house.

Intertitle – Enterprise – one farmer quarries the stone on his land.

The farmer drops explosives down holes he has drilled into the rock.

Intertitle – Crushes and grades it into saleable sand.

He shovels the rock into a grinding machine.  It then gets transported in buckets on a conveyor belt.

Intertitle –  Market day is busy for traders.

A bus is parked on a street, with pedestrians and cars.  Sacks are being loaded onto the back of a lorry.  Elsewhere a man is unloading a van into an electrical shop.

Intertitle – Arrivals at the market

Cattle are being herded into a pen, and vans and lorries arrive; one, Arthur Bower, from Kirkburton, bringing more cattle, another brings pigs.

Intertitle –  Grading: pigs are clipped through the ear, and do they howl.

A group of men stand in a doorway, and there is a board with prices on.  Pigs are ushered into pens with rope nets over the top, where they have their ears clipped.  Some young calves also arrive.

Intertitle – Mr W Sykes takes the bids.

A man is shown running the auction, with a large crowd gathered around in a circle.

Intertitle – The last bid: a quick ‘un at . .

There is the sign for the Crown Hotel.

Intertitle – And the drovers start for home.

Cattle are led back onto their transport trucks.  One young bull is reluctant to go, but a woman arrives to calm him down.

Intertitle – The market is left to the cleaners.

A man sweeps up the mess, whilst two others hose the area down as the film comes to an end.