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NEFA 21621



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A home movie made by amateur filmmaker Betty Cook between 1964 and 1966 showing the development of a boy, Mark, from a baby through to being a toddler. The film shows various family members and friends, including Arthur Cook, husband of the filmmaker, posing with the baby at relative's home in Leeds.

The film beginswith a shot of a photograph and potted plant sitting on a sideboard inside a house.

A phantom car ride through Leeds follows.

In the driveway of a modern semi-detached house, members of the family look on a woman holding a small baby in her arms.

Outside St Stephen’s Church, Moortown  Leeds, a priest holds the child as guests walk away from the church following the christening service.

In the front garden of the semi-detached house, Arthur Cook, Betty’s husband, poses with the baby, followed by other members of the family. In the back garden, the family relax, dance and pose for the camera.

Inside the house, the mother undresses and bathes the baby in a plastic bath. The child smiles and giggles at the camera. Following the bath, the child is clothed and fed from a bottle.

Laying against a pillow, the baby poses for the camera.

The film cuts to show the child a few years later as a toddler sitting beside a man on a sofa. Sitting nearby are a woman and a large dog. The three of them pose together.

The film cuts to show the toddler sitting beside a window, then blossom growing on a tree. The toddler plays with his toys and the family dog outside in the garden.

The family dog runs about sniffing at some of the rocks at a beach. Back in the garden, it sits posing for the camera.

In a park, a small boy rides past on the back of a pony.

Back in the family garden and the toddler, now walking, plays with his toys and the dog, or walks up towards the camera. The film ends with him climbing down a set of stairs backwards.