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YFA 6308



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This amateur film by Walter Gill and son celebrates the birthday of Walter Gill's wife, Margaret, with a trip to Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.

Title: Margaret's Birthday Outing 1980

A close up of Margaret opens the film, sitting on a train looking out of the carriage window.

Travelling shot from the train of the Esk valley countryside, cattle grazing, a tractor in a field, woods.

The train approaches Whitby, travelling beneath the Ruswarp Road Bridge. The view shows the abbey on the cliff top in the distance, the banks of the River Esk The train then enters Whitby station.

Margaret and a younger man, probably her son, walking past a bandstand in Whitby town. They take a seat looking towards a lighthouse that stands at the end of one of the concrete piers protecting the harbour.

Margaret and Walter Gill walk towards the camera. A general view of a crowded beach near one of the piers follows. A row of donkeys on the beach wait placidly for children to request a ride.

A view from the shoreline shows youngsters paddling in the shallows, and others further out to sea swimming. A brief views shows a little girl kicking a multicoulored beach ball.

Margaret and son (dressed in a suit) walk along the beach towards the camera. A brief view shows climbers practising abseiling down a cliff, marked with a big sign for 'Lift', shots of the climbers intercut with children playing on the beach, and a dog running in the waves.

Margaret and son walk along an uphill path from the beach towards the camera, with multi-coloured beach huts in the background. A general view shows the beach huts and the beach beyond.

The film ends with Margaret and the young man walking into a building, briefly looking back towards camera.

Title: The End