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YFA 1271



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Made by Debenham & Co. of York, this film is a recording of the Manvers May Day Parade in 1919.  Manvers Main Colliery was situated between Wath-upon-Dearne and Mexborough, South Yorkshire.  The film includes footage of the May Day festivities as well as footage of the miners and of the pit. 

Opening Title:  Manvers May Day Parade, 5th May 1919.  Filmed by Debenham & Co. York.
The film opens with crowds gathering to watch the parade.  The mine can be seen in the background, and as the camera lingers on the crowds, a barge moves towards the mine. 

Title – The Judge,  A T Thompson Esq. inspecting the horses.

There are shots of decorated shire horses and carts, and this is followed by images of the faces in the crowd. 

Title – Mrs A T Thompson presenting the prizes.

Mrs Thompson stands in the back of an open top car and presents cups to the winners.  Again the mine and miners’ cottages can be seen in the background.  The camera cuts to a line of pit ponies adorned with ornate bridle wear.  Men lead the ponies, horses and carts out of a yard.

Title – More office staff including R. Snow Esq. Secretary.

Men and boys in suits and two women pose for the camera outside the mining offices.  The horses are led back into the yard, and each is given a ticket as they pass the yard entrance.  The camera then cuts to a mock comedy scene in the yard, with men hitting each other with hammers, falling over, and generally fooling around. 

Title – Joiners and fitters with Mr Egerton, engineer.

The men pose informally for the shot, and two boys lean out of an upper office window to watch. 

Title – Barnborough Colliery, Barnborough.

At the mine, miners walk across towards the mine shaft. 

Title – Colliers going into the pit.

Gangs of miners head towards the pit.  They are wearing headgear and miners lamps. 

Title – Coming out after an eight hour shift.

The tired men come out of the pit and wave to the camera as they go on their way. 

Title – Joiners, Fitters and Blacksmiths with Mr Scott, Engineer.

Men and boys stand with tools of their trade and laugh as they pose for the camera.  The film ends with a close up of two men bowing and doffing their hats, bidding farewell to the viewers.