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YFA 1470



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This film comprehensively documents the chocolate making process. From the initial mixing process, the filmmaker also captures the printing, depositing, enrobing and packing methods. Most of the work is done by industrial machines; however, during this period the packaging is still all done by hand. The also film contains a plethora of good shots that show women in the workplace.

Title - Cream Fondant Plant.

The film opens in a factory with a shot showing a large industrial piece of machinery that has various moving parts and a large mixing cauldron. Then another machine pumps out extremely thick cream which is collected in a bucket. The final shot shows a large spinning cylinder which emits a gooey substance; possibly used to fill the core of the chocolate.

Title - Master M/C. Filling trays with starch. Printing and depositing. Cleaning and delivering. Centres.

Women in white overalls and hairnets stand over vast machines which automatically fills the trays' moulds with starch. The chocolate is then injected into the moulds, after which the trays are then removed by hand and placed on another machine. This machine separates the chocolate from the trays and cleans the chocolates, removing the remaining starch. The filmmaker captures various shots of the machine sieving, brushing, and ejecting the chocolates once they are properly cleaned.

Title - Chocolate Enrober. Feed table. Bottoming. Coating & Decorating.

In a large factory room, female workers stand around long conveyer belts that carries the chocolates through the enrobing machines (enrobing generally involves drizzling an extra layer of chocolate onto the base). The filmmaker then captures four employees sorting the chocolates onto a tray, before cutting to another conveyer belt where there is a close up of the enrobing process, and a shot which shows the finished product. Female workers then use tiny instruments to imprint a design onto the melted chocolate before it sets.

Title - Deliver end of cooler.

A mechanical lifts brings a large tray of chocolates down, which are then fed onto another conveyer belt and there are shots of workers picking out any unsatisfactory chocolates. Once inspected the chocolates are all placed into metal tins.

Title - Packing of Chocolate.

The filmmaker uses several sweeping panning shots to accentuate the sheer size of the packing room, which consists of many long benches. Each bench has a conveyer belt down the centre and is filled by female workers all wearing the same white overall uniform, who pack the chocolates into their boxes by hand.

Title - Baker Perkins LTD Engineers. Westwood Works. Peterborough England. The End.