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NEFA 21603



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A film by Lilian Wincote that looks at the work done by J. W. Hodge, a removal and storage firm in South Shields. The removal firm is run by the founder's daughter Marjorie Hodge who has been in charge since 1945. 

The film begins with a high angle shot showing a red removal van reversing up to the driveway of a house. Furniture is brought out of the house and loaded onto the van.

Title: In A Man's World

A sign on side of the van reads 'Hodge for Removals & Storage' . More furniture is loaded.

Title: Hodge

At street level a Morris Minor car manoeuvres out of driveway and past the van. Close ups follow of a portrait photograph on a wall showing a smart well dressed man sporting a moustache. This is followed by views of old photgraphs and old documents relating to the firm(?).

General views show the red removal van travelling along a road. A close up follows of a newspaper where someone uses a pen to highlight a small advert for Hodge removals.

The film cuts to a label being tied to a motorbike, then a cut to a woman talking on the telephone. The woman is Marjory Hodge who has managed the firm since 1945, taking over from her father.

The film cuts to a dockside where Marjory Hodge is standing. A small launch carrying men in port authority or naval uniforms draws up to the dockside.

The film then cuts to a street with a sign above a door of a terraced house which reads 'J. W. Hodge Removals and Storage'.

The film cuts to a drivers eye view from a car parked in the lay-by of a busy road. A large van pulls out of a junction. In her office Marjorie enters information into a desk diary.

Men continue to put furniture into the Hodges van seen at the beginning of the film. Marjorie is seen at Hodges office talks to a man on the office doorstep, he then walks down the road. The film cuts to two women walking up a garden path, they go inside the house. Someone carrying bedding or a mattress follows.

Back at the van more furniture is loaded. At the office Marjorie is in discussion with a man as she writes notes in a book. The man is the owner of the motorbike and Marjorie looks at the bike parked in the street talking to him. He walks off leaving the bike.

The film cuts back to the men who have finished loading the van. They get in the cab and drive off. A road sign shows the directions to Gateshead and Newcastle along the A194 as they continue their journey in foggy weather.  Furniture is then moved into a house. Views follow of some old furniture being loaded into another van.

The film cuts to a photograph of an old Hodges removal van (a Bedford?).

Removal men move goods into a house via a back lane gate. The film cuts back to the quayside and Marjorie. The film cuts back to the men unloading one of the removal vans. Finally the van is empty, the driver gets in and moves off. The van arrives back at the depot. The crew finish for the day(?). Another van goes by along a road in foggy weather. General views of traffic at night.

Back in the office Marjorie reads a newspaper. She goes out of the room to pick up a telephone. The film cuts back to an exterior view of the office from the street. Some quick cuts including a man on a motorbike next to a road sign which reads 'City of Gloucester'. A woman leaves a house where furniture was delivered earlier in the film.

Title: The End