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YFA 1979



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This film is part of a collection from the Ward family from Malton and spans the years 1936-1942. The films illustrate many aspects of their family life and social activities as well as showing evacuated children spending time in their home in Malton. This film contains footage from the Malton Coronation Celebrations, a sports day at one of the schools, carnival processions and school dance performances.

Title-Malton Coronation celebrations May 1938.

Title-Town Decorations

The film opens with shots of Malton centre; the buildings are all decorated with flags, and bunting. There are shots of the Green Man pub and the Market Place which are also decorated.


The scene opens in a field with lots of young boys taking part in an egg and spoon race. As they run along some of them drop the eggs. Following this is the sack race and the three-legged race for both boys and girls.

Title-Carnival Procession.

A large parade makes its way through the town. Men, women and children walk through the street wear elaborate costumes including that of clowns, dancers, lords and ladies, minstrels and tramps. The parade goes through a gate and into a field.

Title-Fancy Dress Prize Winners.

The children are all lined up and a woman hands cards to some of the children. There are close-ups of pairs of children: a lord and lady, a surgical team and tramps. Some of the children look very serious but then they smile at the camera.

Title-At the Great Yorkshire Show York 1937.

A group of men stand in front of the entrance building at York Racecourse and pose for camera.

Title-The Royal Signal Corps.

In a field a large group of men drive around on motor bikes. They drive standing up, standing on each other's shoulder and perform tricks.

The next performers to come out onto the field are of a pack of hounds and two fox hunters; they ride around the field for the spectators.

Crowds of men, women and children sit around on the grass while other people mill about and enjoy the show. Following this is a shot of the field where all of the cars are parked; men walk around talking.

Title-Headley Wise Buying Corn.

Three men stand in a market yard; one man watches while the other two strike a bargain and shake on it.

Title-Heaths and Orchids

There are lingering shots of the flowers and some plants in the countryside.

Title-The English F.A. Cup York City V Huddersfield Town.

Title-6th round at York 5th March 1938 score 0.0.

The football team runs onto pitch, and the game begins.  (This game is also the highest attended match on record.)  

Title-Cherry Blossom April 1938 at Rosewood.

There are lingering close-up shots of cherry blossom trees.

Title-MUDC & NUDC at sewage disposal works April 1938.

A group of men and a few women stand outside some shed-style building in the sun in the countryside. They talk to each other and smile at the camera.

Title-At the opening of the Malton & Norton sewage disposal works, 31 March 1939.

There are shots of the men walking around looking at the sewage storage tanks and water tanks. They smile at the camera and there is a panning shot of the works.

Title-At the Great Yorks. Show Doncaster July 1938.

Title-SW Tidmarsh, JA Driver, TC Mason, HT Robson.

Four men stand in front of a car and pose for the camera; two of the men have a play duel with sticks.

Title-Yorks. Cricketer at Scarborough Sept. 1938.

The team comes out onto the field, smiling as they pass the camera. Huge crowds of spectators are visible in the background.

Title-Yorks. Cricketer at Malton Sept 1938.

Title-Inter Alia, Dolphin, Sutcliffe, Leyland, Bowes, Wood.

Two umpires come out of the dressing room followed by the team.

Title-And Barber.

One of the team members comes out alone and nods his cap to the camera.

Title-Crab Apple, Blossom at Rosewood May 1939.

There are shots of some trees.

Title-A flower border at the Talbot Hotel May 1939.

There are panning shots of the large multi coloured flower borders in the hotel gardens.

Title-Net ball relay at Malton Grammar School May 1939.

There are shots taken from behind the net ball post looking at rows of girls throwing the ball back and forth to each other and then trying to get it into to the net.

Title-May Blossom at Rosewood June 1939.

There are lots of shots of flowers in a garden.

Title-Great Yorkshire Show at Halifax July 1939.

Title-Malton Delegation, JD Hall, F Nendick, WJ Little.

Shots of men smoking and walking about the ground of the Great Yorkshire Show.

Title-Malton Hospital Procession Aug 1939.

A huge procession of adults, children, brass bands, floats, clowns, nurses in cars and people holding `save our hospital signs' make their way along a road.

Title-Fire at Castle Howard 9 Nov 1940.

Shot from the grounds of Castle Howard looking up and panning along the length of the building; the fire damage is visible.

Title-The end of Easter holidays Wendy 1941.

Wendy walks along the grass in a park or public gardens. She walks towards the camera, poses and smiles.

Title-Q.M.S Speech Day 1941.

In the grounds of Queen Margaret School, a group of girls do ballet dancing around another girl as part of a performance routine. People sit around and watch them.

Title-Three headmistresses, Miss Brown, Miss Bowen, Miss Young.

Shots of some women standing around and chatting to each other. Then brief shots of one of the dancers posing for the camera and then walking off with a red cloak around her shoulders.