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YFA 2568



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This film is a record of a holiday to the Far East. It also includes a short sequence of a young man's graduation at Cambridge and a wedding- possibly in the Yorkshire area.

The film opens with a close-up of a pond. There are people touring around an open temple and its grounds. Many of the tourists are taking photographs. After visiting the temple, the filmmaker returns to the hotel where there is a large pool. Many of the hotel guests are gathered around the pool, laying out in the sunshine.

Recent graduates, dressed in their robes and hoods, walk through the streets in Cambridge. At the airport, a Dan-Air London plane waits for take-off. The graduates then receive their diplomas in an outdoor ceremony which takes place under a tent.

Next there is a wedding. Guests walk down the church path, and the bride and groom pose with best man and bridesmaids who wear pink dresses. There is footage of the wedding guests, many of whom pose for pictures, followed by brief footage of the wedding reception.

There is a brief section of the film which is taken during a boat journey along the river, possibly at Cambridge.

The film closes with another wedding, the bride and groom posing for pictures outside of the church. Guests can also be seen.