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YFA 335



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of Malaysia, in particular visiting Christian schools. It is a continuation of films 115 and 332.

The film begins with trucks driving down a tree-lined road, followed by butterflies in a wooded area. They begin in a coastal city before going into the countryside, filming local people in the villages. Children play in the streets, some with a kite. There is sign for a Family Planning Clinic. They visit a local Christian school, St Margaret's Primary School. Boys play in a playground, and older girls leave to go home. The teachers play table tennis and baseball. Grace and two other women feed monkeys. A woman collects latex in a rubber tree plantation, at Malakoff. This is taken to a workshop where part of the process of turning it into rubber is shown.

The film switches to show fishermen unloading their catch of tuna and other fish. There a palatial country house. Back at the rubber plantation a worker strips the bark (ring barking) from a tree to collect the latex (tapping). The film shows some of the surrounding vegetation and then a local market and playground. Near the stalls selling fruit there is a timber 'Chinese Christian Church'. Here there is also another Christian primary and junior school. The children play a game of avoiding being hit by a ball, do craft lessons and dancing.

There is a wedding, with people eating with chopsticks. In a village local people wash their clothes in a river. They then take a boat trip and visit houses in the water built on wooden poles. Grace and another Western woman pose with some local children. They then visit a town, filming the street life and new high rise flats. Smartly dressed children in their school uniform crowd a street, going home from school. Barges are being unloaded in the docks. The streets are busy with traffic; there is a grand colonial building with a clock tower. The film ends.