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YFA 115



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a holiday with his wife Grace in Malaysia in 1967.

The film begins with a white Jaguar car parked on a tree lined road, before showing a large white building surrounded by lush green hills and fields. Three woman approach a very ornamental Buddhist temple, with rich colours, incense burning, lanterns and wood carvings. Mrs Chislett is handed a green and white striped snake, which she holds up for the camera alongside another Asian woman with a snake. The Jaguar is then parked near some wooden houses surrounded by trees, with goats, cats and ducks. One house is on stilts in a forested area where a small river flows over smooth rocks. Some hills are pictured in the distance, with the sea beyond.

On the coast there are local fishing boats moored on a beach, and fishermen at work with two children looking on. Nearby is a modern hotel with a swimming pool, where three women are bathing, and a waiter brings drinks. There is a village with temples set in the hills. Mrs Chislett with two Malaysian women visit one of the temples. They feed the turtles in a pond, and then feed fish from a bridge.

They take a tour of the temple, with its gold statues of the Buddha and ornate roof. They look down from the temple on a hill out onto the town and countryside. Mrs Chislett and another woman sit on a swing chair.

Back at the beach a boy flies a home-made kite, and fishermen and their families carry fishing nets and baskets, which they use to catch a few fish by dragging it just a few yards out to sea.

Mrs Chislett wades through bushes and trees to a stream and into the interior of a forest. Two men emerge from the forest lifting a small child between them. They take a coastal boat, passing a town and sea port. Men on scooters board a boat.

The film switches to show rows of trees and a pond with ducks and local children. There is a sign for 'Maxwell's Hill Road', where they load their bags into a jeep. A cart carrying manure goes by, pulled by two cows. They take a trip up a mountain railway, and from the top, they look over the surrounding hills and sea. A boat, 'Mamarine' Number 11, offloads its goods. There is a large busy port with a building with 'Sharikat East Asiatic Berhad', written on the side. They take a boat trip from the port, showing the ships anchored there. In the city itself there are buildings in the classical style. On a small fishing vessel at sea a woman pulls in the fishing net.

Their jaguar (reg. PD 5050) is now parked on a busy city thoroughfare with grand houses, and cattle grazing on the grass. Mrs Chislett is lying on a sun lounger in the gardens of one of the houses, looking out to sea, trying to adjust the headrest. There is a brief look at Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang, before returning to a hotel poolside where holidaymakers are swimming and diving. Two Asian women play with some poodles, and there are more guests with their dogs. Elsewhere cattle, and a large pig, are herded along a street. There are sports events taking place at a school or college.

They next visit a waterfall, and the interior of the country showing local people and more impressive temples. There is a game of cricket that looks as if it could be in England. There is a busy street with traffic and a man carrying water containers, and the film finishes showing more buildings.