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NEFA 21726



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This film made by railway enthusiast Chris Lawson, although concentrating on activities in and around Newcastle also includes footage of a restored horse drawn mail coach, and the launch of a large tanker, possibly the Esso Northumbria. Footage also includes some film taken of stations on the well known North Tyneside railway loop, north of Newcastle.

The film opens with views of an old horse drawn black and yellow mail coach taken around 1968, with passengers riding on top in period costume. Destinations on the carriage read Newcastle and York.

The film cuts to a steamboat on river with people watching from the bankside. In the distanc are many cranes along the riverside. The  camera pans round showing the extent of the crowd.  A ship is launched on the opposite bank. A tug makes its way downriver. The huge tanker enters the river, the stern of the ship looming ever closer.  A tug manouevres alongside the tanker.  Film cuts to dense vegetation with someone in the centre of it, then cuts back to the ship on the river as it recedes into the distance. A static view shows a ship moored near the mouth of a river. The ship moves out of the Tyne (?) into open sea.

A high angle view follow of the famous 'diamond' rail crossing just outside Newcastle Central station, showing a green DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) leaving the station. A change of location follows as another DMU makes its way along a rail track in open country. 

A green DMU approaches the platform of South Gosforth station, the train then moves away in bright sunshine. Another DMU enters a tunnel, then the film cuts to another DMU approaching Jesmond station.

A high angle view shows trains crossing Newcastle's High Level Bridge. A DMU enters the Central Station. 

An A4 Pacific locomotive, the 'Union of South Africa' takes on coal(?) possibly at Pelaw. An oncoming view clearly shows the engine's number, '60009'.

The film then shows steam engines passing by a field. The crowds of steam railway enthusiasts maybe being filmed in a Midlands location as most engines seen are from the great Western company. They all try to get the best view of restored steam engine Pendennis Castle (4079). Another engine comes into view, Cluny Castle (7029) then moves off into the distance.

The film then cuts to a steam engine in service pulling a train of carriages. Another view follows of Cluny Castle as it passes by in full steam. A small engine manoeuvres another train from its place between a set of carriages.

A breakers yard is next, where old steam engines await their final fate.

Two steam engines (a double header) pull a train. A long view across a valley shows the same configuration moving across the landscape. The film ends on another view from a high angle as the same train negotiates a curve.