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This is an amateur film, part of the Charles Chislett Collection, marking the first voyage of the cruise ship the Queen Mary, showing the cargo being loaded and passengers embarking before it sets off.  The film shows, the interior of the ship, the journey across and the arrival, with views of New York as it sails up the River Hudson.

Title - Impressions of the ‘Maiden Voyage’ of the ‘Queen Mary’ to New York and back. 

Southampton Docks May 27 1936, 8 a.m.

The film opens with a brief shot of ships in the dock, followed by a small railway siding and buildings.

Intertitle - We approach the ‘Queen Mary’

The funnels of the Queen Mary can be seen surrounded by cranes above a warehouse.  The film gradually gets closer to the Queen Mary, which is being loaded with cargo by a crane, and shows it with its lifeboats prominent.  Smoke is bellowing from one of the funnels.  There are dockside views of the cruise liner from various angles.  Also docked there is the ship, Winchester Castle, of London.

Intertitle - The BBC awaits the ‘zero hour’, 4.30 pm.

Underneath a huge dockside canopy there are men in a broadcasting van and hut.   Inside a warehouse porters are sorting through trunks.  Besides them is a camera on a tripod, with no one filming, and a van in the background with a sign saying, ‘Travel Cheaply with Southern Railway’.  A cabin crew member stands by the gangway for passengers.   Three men stand holding bunches of flowers.  The cameraman winds up the afore-mentioned camera and porters collect luggage from the racks to go on board.  A group of men carry a huge cake in the shape of the Queen Mary across the gangway.  A car is lifted by crane onto the ship.

Intertitle - With the first boat train due, the band of Royal Marines adds to the general feeling of excitement in the air.

A brass band plays next to the gangway, and also on board the ship.  Alongside the ship cars are moving about and a goods train is being shunted.  A plane flies overhead towing banners.  Some of the rigging on the Queen Mary is filmed, and two of the chimneys are smoking.  A paddle boat packed with people pass by below, and more planes fly overhead.  The cabin crew, chefs and waiters look over the side of the ship onto other boats nearby.

Intertitle - Only one gangway left . . . All visitors ashore

The two gangways are shown with passengers leaning over the side waving.

Intertitle - The tugs prepare to take charge

The tugs manoeuvre into place and another aeroplane passes overhead.  The tugs finally begin to pull the Queen Mary away from the dock, accompanied by a large flotilla of other boats.

Intertitle - We’re Off

The ship moves out of the harbour, with some men up the rigging.

Intertitle - To the sound of every siren in Southampton water our escort forms up

As the ship moves out there is a procession of other accompanying ships and boats of all sizes that the passengers wave at, and more planes fly over.  One of the planes lands on the water besides the ship and then takes off again.  The decks are relatively empty.
Intertitle – Boat Drill
Now the decks are full of passengers with their lifejackets on, and we see a sunset over the ocean.
Intertitle - We arrive at Cherbourg at dusk
The ship arrives at Cherbourg in semi-darkness with smoke bellowing out of its chimneys.  A lighthouse on the harbour guides another boat in.

Intertitle - First day at sea

The Queen Mary is crossing the sea.   Passengers are looking back onto the wash the ship is making in its wake.  Passengers play a game of shuffleboard on one of the decks.  Fish are shown swimming about through one of the windows.  Other games are being played on the decks, including handball and some game being played using sticks and a wooden board.  One passenger is asleep on a chair.

Intertitle - ‘Weather’ Ahead

The sun is shown breaking through dark clouds and making a spectacular patch of light on the sea.  More passengers, men in dinner jackets, are playing shuffleboard. 

Intertitle - No camera can do justice to the magnificence within

Inside there is a large room filled with stylised chairs grouped informally on a marble floor and columns up to the ceilings where circular lights glow.   There are window cases around the area.   In another room there is seating facing a stage.  Some of the art deco interior is shown.  Around the walls of a gym there are a series of cartoons of sporting characters: from cricket, golf and boxing.  Two boys are sat on rocking horse like machines that are shaking them at a fast rate, watched over by an instructor.  Two men play squash.  A brief view of a sign for ‘Atlantic telephone’ is followed by a view of the dining room with a large mural of the Atlantic Ocean.  Up on deck two men on deck talk to camera, and three ladies are chatting and smiling to camera.  On the top deck there is a young man alongside the fog horn and funnels.

Intertitle - An American news reel, ‘plane is the first to greet us’, 50 miles out.

A plane circles above the ship where the union jack flag flies.  More flags are got ready to go up.  Another plane passes over.  A woman in a flashy hat goes up to the top deck.

Intertitle - Once past the ambrose light our escort grows

More planes appear, as do some boats.  Passengers wave from the side of the decks, and the Captain calls to the crew and the flags are hoisted up.  The nearer the ship approaches the shore the more planes and boats there are.  A woman plays with a couple of puppies on deck.

Intertitle - While we are at anchor scores of craft gather round us

The shore can be clearly seen and many boats now follow the ship, and a helicopter flies overhead.  Another steamer draws up alongside crowded with passengers, on several decks, all waving at the Queen Mary.

Intertitle - As we move off towards Manhattan the river is alive with boats and a pandemonium of hooters breaks out.

The sea is now full of sailing craft, and two cameras are shown filming the scene from on one of the decks of the Queen Mary.  New York can be seen in the distance.  They pass by the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers get closer with the Brooklyn Bridge over to the right.  One boat has lots of water fountains emanating from it. A plane makes patterns in sky.   The Queen Mary continues up the Hudson River passing what was the Bank of Manhattan Trust building (now 40 Wall Street), showing the skyline of Manhattan.  A flotilla of boats follow it in, one of them, E. F. Moran Jnr., coming very close.  There is large sign with ‘American Line’ on it.  A group of passengers are laughing amongst themselves on deck.

Intertitle - Moran’s tugs takes charge, and we are soon alongside the new dock

The Queen Mary draws up besides the dock.
ntertitle - Having survived the customs, a taxi collision and the hotel lift, I lean somewhat diffidently out of my bedroom window

From high up, a street is shown with tall buildings on either side.  

Intertitle - An evening skyline from the 36th Floor

The skyline is shown, including the Chrysler Building and the top of the Paramount Theatre and the ‘Times’ building.

Intertitle - Times Square

Times Square is seen at night lit up with neon signs, including ones for ‘Kool Cigarettes’, ‘National Beauty Parlors’, ‘Joe Leblang’, ‘Greyhound’, the ‘Hotel Astor’, a flashing light for ‘Vaudeville’, Edward G Robinson in ‘Bullets or Ballots’ at the Strand and ‘The great Ziegfried’; and there are many other neon signs.

Intertitle - Next Morning Skyscraper impressions

There are more views of the skyscrapers and the overhead railway track.  At street level pedestrians and cars pass by.  Among the buildings shown are the Metropolitan Life building, the Empire State building and the Chrysler building.

Intertitle - Via Harlem . . .

A very short snatch of a black woman with her daughter on a street.

Intertitle - . . . To Riverside Drive and Grant’s Tomb

The Rotunda on top of Grant’s Tomb is shown followed by the surrounding area.

Intertitle - Battery Pier and the Skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan

People line the water’s edge looking out at the passing boats, with another view of Manhattan from Central Park.  Inside the Aquarium fish are shown.  Shoppers are milling around the market stalls on a busy street in Harlem.  One of the stalls is selling bottles of drink.  Another major street, with the Holland Hotel, is seen with cars and trams.

Intertitle - Baseball at the Yankee Stadium

From behind the hitter, and the fencing, a baseball game is filmed being played to a half empty stadium.

Intertitle - The Empire State Building (1250ft) from the bottom. (Note the window cleaner)

A view up the side of the building from the ground.

Intertitle - Looking from 102nd floor

A view over the Manhattan skyline is seen from the top of the Empire State building, starting from the Chrysler building and moving around in a panorama.

Intertitle - The visibility is poor and the ‘ranges’ of lower Manhattan loom dimly through the mist

More of the skyline is shown going further out where it is very misty.

Intertitle - Later from the depths, one sees a New York ‘after-glow’

More buildings are shown, again including the Chrysler building.  A car pulls up outside one of them, opposite which is a policeman on horseback.

Intertitle - Next morning after the usual preliminaries . . .

A man is getting his shoes polished, after which the polisher, a black man, smiles to the camera.

Intertitle - I set off to explore Lower Broadway and Wall St.

A train on the overhead railway arrives at a station.

Intertitle - The traffic off Battery Pier 15 (sic = ‘is’) brisk and varied.

A steam boat is docked at the harbour while other boats are out on Hudson Bay.  A tug boat pulls a crane.

Intertitle – The entrance to Broadway

The buildings of Broadway are shown from Central Park, including those for Cunard and the Holland-American line.  More of the buildings are shown from the Downtown Skyport, as is the George Washington Statue on Wall Street, which is busy with pedestrians.  At the Trinity Church cemetery, with the Churchland cross, the Woolworth building is shown.

Intertitle - From the top of the Woolworth building

From the top of the Woolworth building bridges can be seen over the river and more views of the skyline.

Intertitle - Central Park

Rowing boats are out on the lake in Central Park.  At Central Park Zoo there are seals and elephants.

Intertitle - In Fifth Avenue

A traffic policeman stands in the middle of the road directing traffic at a busy cross junction.

Intertitle - 240 Miles further south, some very hurried photography recorded a little of the stately buildings and the open spaces of Washington.

A white ne-classical building is shown, followed by the Capitol
Building seen from various vantage points.  Inside a building there is a parrot and fish.  A zeppelin flies over the Abraham Lincoln monument.  The film then switches to an airport.

Intertitle - Back in New York and just catch the Queen Mary on her Maiden trip eastbound

Luggage is passing on a conveyor belt onto the ship, with the American flag flying.  Down below from the dockside people are waving the ship off as the crew untie the holding ropes.  It is tugged out into the open before making its way out to sea back past the Statue of Liberty.  On board a game of shuffleboard is being played.  Another ship goes past.

Intertitle - After approaching Cherbourg in thick fog, the pilot’s boat and gulls greet us

Tugs come alongside the ship.

Intertitle - Off Spithead we meet the Berengaria outward bound

The Berengaria, another Cunard ocean liner, passes in the opposite direction.

Intertitle - The R.A.F. welcome us

Several sets of R.A.F. planes fly over in formation. 

Passengers are on the deck watching as the ship approaches harbour.  A plane lands on the sea where the ship is now being tugged in.  It passes a boat with ‘Calshot Spit’ painted on the side.

Intertitle - The home Dock once again, robbed of the record by fog, but with the honour of the British Shipping higher than ever before

As is comes into dock the union jack is flying.

The End