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YFA 4210



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This is a film of the first Magnet Cup flat race held at York racecourse, from the large and nationally significant collection of films from C. H. Wood. A professionally made film, it shows both the race and the racegoers having a day at the races.

Title-John Smiths of Tadcaster present

Title-The Magnet Cup

Title-York Races 23rd July 1960

Title-Cameras-C.H. Wood, F.G. Dewhirst, A. Hudson, R. F. Johnson

Title-Sound by M.S. Wilson

Title-Commentary spoken by John Watmough

Title-Directed by F.G. Dewhirst

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Limited

The film opens with shots of a racecourse; a flower display read `York Races'. The voice over welcomes all the people to the race and says that it's a place for old friends from around the country to meet up.

There are shots of the crowds milling around the racecourse grounds and stands. Everyone is dressed in dresses, hats and suits. Then the voice over says that some of the horses in the stables have been Ascot winners and that gives the competition some interest.

The crowd heads towards the main racecourse; it consists of women with buggies and bikes, men and children and ice-cream vendors pushing their carts. There are also people buying items from small stall at the side of the grass.

There is a shot taken from above looking down onto uniformly placed benches with people sitting on them. The voice over gives details of the different races and the prize money that can be won; first prize wins £4,125. This is followed by shots of crowds surrounding the totes and placing bets.

The next shot is taken from the end of the race track looking up towards the horses galloping towards the camera. There is a brief shot of the horses' names and odds listed up on a board.

Many people wander around the race course chatting, placing bets and watching the track.

The horses are paraded around the horse enclosure as their name, number and form are called over the speakers. Then lots of men gather on the grass beside the track to watch the race. An older man reads a paper as the voice over comments on one particular horse; the headline is referring to that horse and it reads `Blast can `blast' em'. The voice over announces that the horses are coming out onto the track and then there are shots of the totes signalling to each other. The crowds gather and the horses canter along the track.

The voice over comments on all the cars that are parked on the grass and said that they must belong to the totes because `ever heard of a bookie walking home?'.

The horses take off and there is a commentary throughout the race. There are shots of a television camera filming the race and people watching the race from the side lines.

Towards the end of the race the crowds cheer and the winner is announced. The horses and jockeys come off the track and the winning trainer and horse are congratulated. There is a shot of a man looking at photo finish pictures that are pinned up on the wall. There are people sitting on benches and the steps of the stand. The winning horse owner is presented with a trophy and a few men have pints of beer.

Title-The End

Title-A C. H. Wood (Bradford) Limited Production for John Smiths of Tadcaster.