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NEFA 21633



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An amateur film made by Betty Cook of the Cleveland Cine Club showing members of the Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians performing magic tricks for each others. One of the magicians featured is Paul Daniels, born Newton Edward Daniels in South Bank, Middlesbrough. The film also features a woman magician, his wife at the time, Jackie Daniels, working the act together with her husband and separately.

The film opens on the emblem of the Middlesbrough Circle of Magic hanging on a wall.

A group of male magicians sit around a table watching Paul Daniels perform for them. A pair of hands shuffles a deck of cards. Another man at the table strokes a fake mouse that then appears to jump around him.

Sitting in front of a small staging area, members of Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians, including a young woman (Jackie Daniels), watch a series of tricks being performed presumably by other members of the club. After two men perform their tricks using silks (scarves), the woman seen previously performs a trick using a deck of cards.

The film cuts to show Jackie Daniels performing a synchronised card routine with Paul Daniels. Now on his own, Paul performs another trick using a handkerchief and a set of small red balls which he magically makes appear and disappear. Jackie Daniels sits on a table nearby watching.

Jackie Daniels performs a trick solo using a set of enlarged playing cards and a number of coloured handkerchiefs. Now performing beside Paul Daniels, the two hold in the air a tube from which a long handkerchief pours. Together they collect the cloth from the floor and she walks away. Paul begins a new trick involving a golden ball that sits on a table that he covers with a cloth and appears to make levitate and dance.

The film ends with another male magician performing a trick in which he takes two pieces of rope and ties them together to form one.