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YFA 5728



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This is a film made by Doug and Norah Brear, of Wakefield Cine Club.  It features the couple making a bird box and observing the behaviour of the blue tits that nest in it.  The film is narrated by their young daughter.

Title – Chaseley Films present
Title – The Magic Box

The father of the family is in the garden, with the pet rabbit, sawing wood to make a wooden box.  The box turns out to be a bird box.  The mother looks on from the kitchen window.  

He attaches the bird box to a tree, facing away from the sun.  A pair of blue tits takes occupancy of the box, and looking inside we see that 8 babies have been hatched.  

With father seated on a deckchair watching, the girl explains that they need to stay still for at least two hours before the birds will feel safe enough to use the box in their presence.  

They periodically examine the box, as the commentary explains their behaviour in constantly feeding the babies. After 11 days the fledglings venture out and are, as far as they can tell, never seen again.

Title – The End