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YFA 3524



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This film deals with the comparison of locomotive manufacturers, Hunslet Engine Company and English Electric, in relation to products, markets, and competitors. 

The film features an interview with John Alcock.  The film portrays Hunslet Engine Co. as small, specialist builders, pioneers in diesel shunting and mines locos.  It shows the importance of exports verses domestic sales as well as the diversification of production into tugs for jumbo jets, etc.  English Electric of Vulcan Works is a Manchester based firm which builds for BR and export.  There is a discussion of the role of overseas competitors and the effect they have on the industry:  Japanese on price, the United States on finance and order size, the Communist Bloc on ring fenced orders, and the increasing importance of politics and overseas aid packages in securing orders since 1960.  This film was made before the 1968 GEC merger with English Electric.