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YFA 4202



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This film is from a collection of films made by Leeds based filmmaker Jack Goldberg. The collection consists of footage from family holidays, weddings, family food shop, and family activities. As the family are Jewish, there are a lot of interesting insights into the family traditions, foods and religious customs. This film consists of footage from the wedding of Lynne Collins (n?e Goldberg).

Lynne Goldberg is in the garden with her mother Edith. Lynn is wearing a wedding dress and is posing for a photographer. Her father Jack Goldberg comes over to join them.

Lynne lifts up her dress to show off her garter and her father points at it and smiles at the camera.

The three of them exit the house and Lynne gets into a chauffeur driven car and drives off down the street.

Lynne's brother Malcolm is waiting outside the synagogue with some other guests; he is wearing a top hat and tails and smiles at the camera. The car arrives and Malcolm helps his mother to get out of the car.

The next shot is taken after the ceremony and the newly-wed couple come out arm-in-arm and smile for the photographer. All of the guests exit the building and greet each other. Edith and Jack pose for the camera.

Lynne and her husband are halfway into the chauffeured car when the photographer makes them pose for him.

There are shots of the couple and Malcolm Goldberg posing for the camera outside `The Allerton' hotel in Northallerton. The guests all leave the hotel and some of them pose as they walk past the camera. Lynne's husband is the last to leave, accompanied by two women who help him to carry the bouquets.