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NEFA 18586



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This film in the Hartlepool Council collection records a holiday visit in 1976 of a group of students with learning disabilities from the Lynn Street Adult Training Centre, Hartlepool, and footage of an annual 'Sport For All’ day at Clairville Stadium, Middlesbrough.

A group of students from Lynn Street Adult Training Centre play football on a sports field. A merry-go-round can be seen in the background.

Students are escorted onto a coach. The group are in good spirits and arrive at a holiday camp with chalet accommodation.

The group play various outdoor games that include obstacle races with blindfolded men pulling two-wheeled carts that carry the students around a course with a series of posts. The crowd claps and there are various shots of the crowd. Further shots of obstacle races follow.

There are low-angle shots of people eating iced lollies in the sunshine.

Next, the students play a game where they leap over people lying on the ground as obstacles.

There is a general view of a waterside car and coach park, with a cruise liner moored at a far bank in the background.

One of the students poses for the camera and a group portrait follows. They get onto a travel coach and a Sealink ferry is visible in the background.

The students walk back to their chalets.

Views through the windscreen of the coach follow.

The students are now enjoying themselves on the grass, playing tennis, throwing balls, probably back at Lynn Street Adult Training Centre located in the middle of housing estate blocks.

The final sequence takes place at Clairville Stadium, Middlesbrough, where various races and the long jump take place watched by an audience in the stadium stands.