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NEFA 18584



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This film in the Hartlepool Council collection documents staff and student activities at the Lynn Street Adult Training Centre in the early 1970s.

Title: Lynn Street Adult Training Centre Pre-1976

The film opens with general views of the exterior of the Lynn Street Adult Training Centre. A woman worker is at the entrance to the centre. Various shots of staff engaged at different tasks follow. A man is mowing the lawn. Another man mops the floor of the kitchen. Other workers are scouring potatoes, doing the laundry, feeding sheets into a rolling mechanism, and operating a mechanical press. A student at the centre helps to fold up laundry. A man is giving a haircut to one of the male students. A woman washes someone’s hair. Another woman is sewing sheets.

There are various shots of students in a classroom in the centre engaged in different learning activities and handicrafts, which include wrapping presents, sewing, making lampshades, weaving and making rag rugs.

In the canteen, students have a tea break.

The film returns to the activities of the students. There are various shots of men in a metal workshop. A man is painting pictures. Scenes of students in a carpentry workshop follow, where some men are working on a model castle.

The camera pans around a crowded display of different handmade items for sale, from dolls houses to furniture and table lamps. All are labelled with prices. A woman arranges the items.

In a centre garage a teacher is instructing a student in cleaning a car. The camera pans across to other students working on car valeting services.

A closing shot shows the exterior of the building.