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NEFA 18585



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This film in the Hartlepool Council collection records a "Sports For All" sports day at Clairville Stadium in Middlesbrough, roller skating activities, and a holiday visit in 1978 of a group of students with learning disabilities from the Lynn Street Adult Training Centre.

The first part of the film is a visual record of the races in which the students on a “Sport For All” day take part. These include walking races, a relay race and men’s hurdles. There are shots of the different teams in their sports clothing sitting together in groups. More races such as the high jump follow. A tug of war takes place with supporters cheering competitors on.

The next sequence begins with an exterior shot of the Park Lodge Hotel. Groups of the students with learning difficulties are leaving the hotel. There are various shots on the promenade of a seaside resort. Next, the students enjoy time on the beach, sunbathing in various swimwear. There is a focus on some of the individual students on the beach, promenade and in front of the Harbour Inn. Friends bury a girl in novelty sunglasses in sand. A boy looks bashfully at the camera. The students laugh as they bury another student in the sand.

Next, girls are roller-skating on a concrete rink. Various students clutch the railings as they learn to skate. Friends are carrying another girl in skates. A group of three students struggle on their skates. Two students flex their muscles for the camera.

A group of students and their guardians are climbing steps. In the background there is a sign for “Bier Keller.” A child is riding on a cable car. There is a shot of the cable car in action. A travelling shot of a holiday camp with the sea in the background follows. The film returns to the cable car. The group then climb back down the steps.

The group sit at tables and benches in a beer garden.

They are next seen strolling around a park. There is a shot of a church in scaffolding.

Students pass closely by the camera, and two stick out their tongues.
The group sip cokes and other drinks.

Back on the beach, the students begin to take off clothes to reveal swimsuits underneath. There is a general view of the sea and beach and several of the male students play football.

Rowing boats and small pleasure boats are on a boating pool. People wave from a small scenic railway ride that passes a pool and a Butlins holiday camp can be seen in the background. Some of the students walk by a fountain and the camera pans a little wildly to show a series of swimming pools. The students are now walking in the holiday camp. One student is wheeled past the chalets in a wheelchair. They pass a mobile van selling shellfish. A girl stands outside her chalet. The boy appears in his wheelchair accompanied by students and carers. Students and carers emerge from a blue chalet. A carer waves to the camera.