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NEFA 18587



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This film in the Hartlepool Council collection records a 1970s birthday party for Allam, an adult with Down’s Syndrome, at Lynn Street Adult Training Centre, Hartlepool.

The film opens with a portrait shot of a group of students with learning disabilities and their carers from the Lynn Street Adult Training Centre. One of the students, Allam, sits down a large table in a hall laid for a birthday party meal. The table is full of many other people, pulling crackers, eating cake. There is a close-up of a birthday cake decorated with a football match and Allam’s name in icing. A woman helps Allam cut the cake.

The next sequence takes place after the party where the camera focuses on individuals and groups dancing including a small boy in a leather cap and a smooching couple.

A woman and man, possibly carers, smoke and pose for the camera. Various shots of individuals follow. A boy makes hand shadows.

The final shot is of the birthday cards and presents displayed on the table.

End title: The End