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YFA 3407



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Made by filmmaker Lucy Fairbank, this film is part three of a travelogue of a journey around pre-war Europe including footage of Paris and London upon an eventual return to the UK.

Title-Hotel Du Lac, Lucerne

The film opens with shots of a wide river and on the far side of the river is a huge hotel. There is a brief shot of the stern of a ship with the Swiss flag blowing in the breeze.

Following this are shots taken from the hotel balcony looking down onto a convertible parked on the road; a man is getting into the car and talking to the valet. This is followed by a brief shot of some people jumping into the lake from a wooden jetty.

There are shots of the city with big domed buildings, a river with lots of traffic, a tree-lined avenue beside the water and a large park area with a fountain.


The first shot is taken from the back of a car looking at the driver's head; the L'Arc de Triomph is visible ahead on the road. Then there are shots of the busy traffic driving around the base of L'Arc de Triomph, traffic gendarmes in Place de la Concorde, the obelisk and the Eiffel Tower.

Title-Calais Au Revior.

This scene starts with sailors removing the gangway from the deck of the ship and the ship sailing away from Calais harbour. A man stands on deck and waves back at the harbour.


The first shot is of an illuminated hotel sign which reads `Strand Palace Hotel'. People enter and exit the hotel through the revolving door and out on the road there is a parade of sailors and a marching band. There are more illuminated signs this time from Leicester Square.

The next shots are taken during the day and the Thames and the Houses of Parliament are visible through heavy fog. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are coved with scaffolding.

There are some brief shots from a park with ducks, geese and pelicans. Following this are shots of guards marching out of Buckingham Palace gates and down the Mall' many people have gathered to watch. The film closes with a shot of the strand taken from a double decker bus.

Title-The End.