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This film, made by the Audio Visual Department of Leeds University, is part of the John Murray collection. It looks into the problems that develop in human joints when repetitive strain or osteoarthritis occurs in joints. Using diagrams and real patients, the film shows a variety of treatments and surgeries available to the public.

The film opens with shots of men playing a variety of sports while the voiceover talks about human joints.

Title-Lubrication of Joints

Title-A film by A. Unsworth, V. Wright, D. Dowson.

Title-Commentary by Professor V. Wright

There is an image of a man walking along, superimposed onto a black background, which has a diagram showing the amount of strain put onto joints as he walks and jumps.

The next section contains an in depth description of a knee dissection, using a human leg and a voiceover. The surgeon carrying out the dissection points out the various points of damage on the knee and explains what each piece is.

Following this is a shot taken from across the street following an older man who is limping along. The Professor doing the voiceover, uses diagrams to explain what has happened to the man's joint and then it cuts to the Professor in his office talking to the camera. He talks about `prevention, prolongation, prosthetics' being the varying option available to patients depending on how severe their osteoarthritis is.

He talks about what causes osteoarthritis, and shows one patient having replacement, synthetic fluid injected into his knee. He says if that it is only a temporary measure and if it doesn't work, then there are artificial hips can be used to replace the damaged ones; there are lots of them laid out on a table.

Two patients talk about how bad their hips were before the operation and how good they are now. There are shots of them out and about working and doing their daily chores.

Title-Produced by the Film Unit of the Television Services, University of Leeds, in co-operation with Dista Products Ltd. 1976.