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YFA 3107



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This film was made by a semi-professional filmmaking couple called Betty and Cyril Ramsden. The couple were members of the Leeds Cine Circle and filmed scenes around and about Yorkshire, holidays, and made small fiction films such as this one.

Title-A Ramsden and Woodhead Frolic

Title-Love's Labour Lost.

Cyril comes down a drive to a house on bicycle with a bag on his back he goes into the house and enters a room. He takes a film camera out of his bag, opens it, and removes the film with little care. As it starts to come off the spool, he puts it in his pocket. He then takes a book out of a cupboard entitled `Photographic Almanac 1949' and opens to a page on film processing- reversal system.

He enters a bathroom, which is being used as a film processing laboratory, and fills the bath with water and some chemicals that are placed around the bath on a ledge. He doesn't use measured quantities, but throws things in with in a blas? fashion. He then lights a candle and starts to put a filter in front of it. The screen then becomes red and black as it would in a real laboratory. He unwinds the film into the bath and uses a plunger to mix it up. After pulling the plug he realises that some of the film has started to go down with it and starts to pull it out. He then puts it back in another batch of chemicals before finally taking off the filter from the candle causing the film to return to black and white. Cyril then mangles the film to help dry it off.

Cyril carries the film to the garden where he hangs it out to dry using pegs on a line. He then sits down to read a book called `Everybody's Movie Course'.

After some time, he takes the film down and winds it back onto the coil, goes inside, laces it through a projector, draws down the blind, and plays the film.

There are beach scenes with people having fun. Children play with buckets and spades, but due to the poor film processing, it is in bad condition and is very overexposed.

He opens the blind and realises that the film has come off the projector and onto the floor. He throws it on the fire where it burns.