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YFA 2240



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A drama made by the Sheffield Photo Company, this film tells the story of a young girl who is lost in the snow, but who is eventually rescued by a search party led by the family dog.

The film is incomplete; the part in brackets is missing from the film. (Father leaves home in the morning when the ground is covered in show. Having taken leave of his wife and daughter, he is seen at work felling trees. At dinner time, his wife sends out their daughter Nell and their dog Carlo with his dinner. Carrying the basket in his mouth, Carlo rushes up to his master with Nell close behind).

On their way back together, the dog and the child become separated, and Nell is seen wandering lost down a track. Exhausted, she sits down among some shrubs. Carlo arrives home without Nell much to the alarm of her mother. When her father arrives shortly afterwards, a party of friends set out with a lantern. After a lengthy search led by the dog, they find Nell. The dog is congratulated by the father.

The original film was tinted blue to create a night time feel when the search for the child begins.